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Philosophical Journal Nowa Krytyka, Socially Involved Journal Recykling Idei and Althusser Studies Journal Décalages and Szczecin University are inviting for the conference:

European Philosophy After the Epistemological Break

Date: 16 – 20. IX . 2010

Place: Pobierowo, ul. Grunwaldzka 66


The leading theme of the conference will be the conditions and possibilities of Louis Althusser’s philosophy, with the emphasis made on the effects which it is able to produce in the current politico-philosophical conjuncture. To examine the consequences of “philosophical intervention in politics” and “political intervention in the world of philosophy” we will try to map the key concepts of Althusser’s theoretical apparatus. Thus, during the conference, next to the tangle of misunderstandings concerning the notion of anti-humanist critique of subject and ideology, one will find possibility to discuss also the reception of Althusser’s late works concerning the “materialism of encounter”, or the epistemological concepts of theoretical practice and epistemological break. The other goal of the conference is to establish constant, international collaboration between critically oriented philosophical circles. 


Jerzy Kochan „NOWA KRYTYKA” / /

Mateusz Janik „RECYKLING IDEI” / /

To see the program, go to: 

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