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Monthly Archives: December 2020


This is my latest article, published in New Understanding of Capital in the 21st Century, edited by Vesna Stanković Pejnović and Ivan Matić, and published by the Institute for Political Studies, Belgrade, December 2020.


There is an antagonistic dynamic within the human in contemporary society: the struggle of labour and capital, the capital relation, is within us. This is the psychology of capital, which also entails that the class struggle – as the capital relation – also runs through us and fractures and divides our personhoods. It is argued that this monstrous psychology must be dissolved within capital: there is no outside or beyond to appeal to. We must side against ourselves as currently constituted. This can be achieved through forming and strengthening alternatives within and alien to capital, in collective and communising practices, and intellectual attacks. The argument has significant consequences for class and freedom in the project of leaving capital behind.

Keywords: capital, psychology, class, freedom, dissolution, alternatives, communisation

It is now available at ResearchGate and Academia:

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