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Karl Marx’s Social Time

This is a paper I wrote in 2015-16. Some of the ideas in it were discussed previous to that with Professor Mike Neary at the University of Lincoln. ‘Karl Marx’s Social Time’ advances a new theory of social time based on Marx’s rendition of socially necessary labour-time. It indicates how the flow of time can speed up, but also how it can slow down, using examples that demand basic arithmetic.

Although the paper does not explore implications of the theory for Accelerationism, nevertheless, it clearly has significance for this wayward and superficial theory of capital’s time.

‘Karl Marx’s Social Time’ is now available online at ResearchGate and at Academia.

At ResearchGate:’s_Social_Time

At Academia:

In 2006, I gave a presentation in the Centre for Philosophy and Political Economy at the University of Leicester, where some of the ideas in this paper were first germinated. This presentation was also called ‘Karl Marx’s Social Time’.  

Going back further – indeed, 20 years back – and working with Mike Neary, two articles we wrote together provided the foundation for the 2006 presentation at Leicester, and the 2016 paper. These were:

‘Time and Speed in the Social Universe of Capital’ (2002), which is online:

@ ResearchGate:

@ Academia

And, ‘The Speed of Life: The significance of Karl Marx’s concept of socially necessary labour-time’, which is also online:

@ ResearchGate:’s_concept_of_socially_necessary_labour-time

@ Academia:  

To see all my writings that are online, go to:



Glenn Rikowski, 10th October 2022.

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