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Monthly Archives: October 2021

The Funnelling: Higher Education for Labour-power Production in the Shadow of Covid-19

This paper – recently published in The Journal for Critical Education Policy Studies – is now available at ResearchGate and Academia.


This article explores how the UK Conservative Government’s Department for Education is taking advantage of the Covid-19 pandemic to restructure higher education in England towards labour-power production. There is nothing new in UK governments seeking to reshape higher education for labour-power development. But under cover of apparent concern for students’ well-being in the pandemic, the consequences for higher education institutions viewed as slacking or heel-dragging regarding their labour-power production drives have never been greater following the publication of Establishment of a Higher Education Restructuring Regime in Response to Covid-19 (DfE, 2020a): market exit and closure. The Great Interruption in labour-power production generated by Covid-19 can pose the question of whether we continue to assent to our labour-power being shaped for capital, or whether we redirect flows of labour-power development in directions of post-capitalist futures. 

Keywords: Covid-19, higher education, labour-power, educational restructuring, Great Interruption

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Glenn Rikowski


16 October 2021