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Monthly Archives: July 2017

Jimmy Papi in Kristi’s Shoe Repairs


Kristi’s Shoe Repairs has been a part of Ilford station for over a quarter of a century providing quality shoe repair services to commuters and local customers. Kristi’s is not just a local business with a loyal customer base, it is part of the Ilford Community and as a small local business Kristi’s pays it taxes to the local community.

The upgrade of Ilford Station as part of the London Cross Rail project is a welcomed improvement for the people of Ilford and London as a whole. However instead of embracing this small local business, TFL and its subsidiary Crossrail are evicting Kristi’s from the new station. Despite my many requests, TFL and its agents have not offered Kristi’s any space in the new station.

Unless there is a change of heart by TFL, Kristi’s at Ilford Station will close its door for the last time in 2017. With your help by signing the petition to save Kristi’s we may be able to persuade TFL to include this small and successful local business alongside the many corporate retailers that are being brought into the newly developed Ilford station.


This petition will be delivered to:

Managing Director, Surface Transport, Transport for London (TfL), Leon Daniels

Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan

Commissioner, Transport for London (TfL), Mike Brown

Sign the Petition @


Personal Statement:

I have been taking my shoes to be repaired at Kristi’s Shoe Repairs in Ilford since the business started up. Jimmy Papi is a real craftsman: top quality work, good value and he gives great advice about the care of shoes and how to make them last longer. Kristi’s provides a very friendly and helpful service. This is a small, community and highly professional business that Ilford and the surrounding area needs. TfL, the Mayor of London and Redbridge Council should surely reserve a place for Kristi’s in the planned redevelopment of Ilford Station. The new development should not just be about boring chain stores and outlets!

Dr. Glenn Rikowski

Jimmy Papi, Kristi’s Shoe Repairs



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Ruth Rikowski, outside Kristi’s Shoe Repairs, Ilford