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Monthly Archives: December 2019

A Place To Call Home








Recorded at the London Coliseum, 30th October 2019

English National Opera (ENO) is pleased to announce that the single “A Place to Call Home” is released today (6th December 2019).

This astonishing new song by former BBC Young Composer of the Year Alex Woolf will help to raise money in aid of Shelter’s Christmas appeal. Recorded live at the London Coliseum, nearly 2000 Community Singers joined ENO’s brilliant Chorus and Orchestra, as well as opera stars Sir Bryn Terfel, Alice Coote and Lesley Garrett. It was conducted by the ENO’s Martin Fitzpatrick.

Ruth Rikowski was one of the Community Singers.


You can share these links to friends and family to ask them to buy the single:

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A quick method to get it on Youtube is to go to and then search for: A Place to Call Home ENO – and then it comes up!

Please share, please donate to Shelter….please make a difference for the homeless:



Music and Lyrics by Alex Woolf



I stumbled across

A figure unknown,

Alive but alone, lost in his dreaming.

I stumbled because

That figure alone

He must have known what I was thinking:

That’s no place to call home.


I’ve stumbled before,

And I’ll stumble again.

I wish I’d known then how to give shelter.

I’ll stumble some more,

But I’ll seize the day, then

We’ll see the day when it’s not much to ask for:

A place to call home.


Sure as home is where the heart is

Homelessness is heartless and cruel.


If the heart is where the home is,

Aren’t we all homeless too?


I stumbled again

On that figure now known,

No longer alone, secure and with shelter.

I stumbled and then

I saw how he’d grown

In a place of his own.


So if home’s where the heart is

Then surely it’s smartest to start helping figures unknown.

Then we’ll all have a place…

A place to call home.

A place to call home.


Posted here by Glenn Rikowski

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Student As Producer

The Student As Producer: How Do Revolutionary Teachers Teach?


A forthcoming book by Mike Neary

Zer0 Books

31 July 2020


Student as Producer brings critical theory to life in a contribution to the dynamic, emerging genre of critical higher education studies.

It is for students and teachers who want to change the world through critical pedagogy and popular education.



Mike Neary’s account finds itself set in a particular moment of time: between the student protests and urban riots that erupted in England in 2010-2011 and the 2017 General Election, during which students and young people played a significant role by protesting the politics of austerity and by supporting the politics of Corbynism. The revolutionary curriculum in this book is framed around unlearning the law of labour and the institutions through which the law of labour is enforced, including the capitalist university which, more and more, seeks growth and expansion for the sake of growth, neglecting the intellectual and educational needs of students in favour of the needs of the capitalist state.

Through thought experiments and reference to the work of the Soviet legal theorist, Evgeny Pashukanis, Student as Producer searches for solutions to how cooperatives might be brought about by a sense of common purpose and social defense. This is a practical, probing response to the ongoing assault on higher education by the social power of Money and the State. Mike Neary grounds his answers in a version of Marx’s social theory known as ‘a new reading of Marx’, as advanced by authors such as Werner Bonefeld and Moishe Postone. The theory is applied to various aspects of pedagogy, criminology, and political sociology to create a curricula for revolutionary teaching that will aid activists and those involved with co-operative movements who are seeking ways in which to engage critically with higher education.


To Pre-order The Student As Producer:

Paperback: 978-1-78904-238-2, £16.99 || $27.95

e-Book: 978-1-78904-239-9, £13.99 || $22.99




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Mike Neary