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Glenn Rikowski (2010)

Glenn Rikowski (2010)


From the first week in February 2014, I started to put up my papers at Academia. This will be a slow process, no doubt (as I don’t find it very easy to use), but in time I aim to have most of my online papers on this mainstream site.

My full CV is also there, and will be updated as and when changes occur.

Glenn Rikowski at Academia:



The following papers by Glenn Rikowski were recently added to Academia:

Crises in Education, Crises of Education (2014) A paper prepared for the Philosophy of Education Seminars at the University of London Institute of Education 2014-15 Programme, 22nd October 2014, online at Academia:

Critical Mass (2006) (with Phil Badger) Information for Social Change, Issue 23, online at:

On Education for Its Own Sake (2005) 17th Ocober 2005, London, online at Academia:

Silence on the Wolves: What is Absent in New Labour’s Five Year Strategy for Education (2005) University of Brighton, Education Research Centre, Occasional Paper, May 2005, online at Academia:

Education, Capital and the Transhuman (2002) Chapter 6, in: Marxism Against Postmodernism in Educational Theory, edited by Dave Hill, Peter McLaren, Mike Cole & Glenn Rikowski, Lanham MD: Lexington Books, online at Academia:

The ‘Which Blair’ Project: Giddens, the Third Way and Education (2000) Forum for promoting 3-19 comprehensive education, Vol.42 No.1, pp.4-7, online at Academia:

Nietzsche’s School? The Roots of Educational Postmodernism (1998) A paper prepared for the Social Justice Seminar, Semester 2, University of Birmingham, School of Education, 24th March 1998, online at Academia:

Between Postmodernism and Nowhere: The Predicament of the Postmodernist (1997) (with Mike Cole and Dave Hill) British Journal of Educational Studies, Vol.45 No.2, pp.187-200, online at:

Post-Compulsory Education and Training for the 21st Century (1995) (with Andy Green) Forum for promoting 3-19 comprehensive education, Vol.37 No.3, pp.68-70, online at:  


  1. Dear Glenn:

    Greetings from China!

    I am looking for the email address of Susan Gruenheck (my former teacher and friend at American College in Paris, 1974-1975).

    I’ve lost contact with her and I saw her name appear on Surveillence (video).

    I am the founder of Prague Humanities Institute. I am opening the American University in China and would like to contact Susan.

    I just finished an article on Edmund Husserl (see PHI library) and I liked your work on the website and the array of interesting articles. I am interested in these same Orwellian issues you and Susan touched upon in your collection of articles contemporary society

    Please forward my email to Susan if you are in contact with her or one of your colleagues.

    Warmest regards,

    Dr. Robert A. DeGray, Ph.D.

    American University of Prague / China

    Prague Humanities Institute

    (+6 hrs. ahead of New York)

    http://www.american-university-of-china.comter your comment here…

    • Dear Robert: I’m afraid I don’t have Susan’s email address. I advertise a lot of stuff on this blog, and of course, most of the conferences, books and so on are concerned with people I don’t know personally. I hope you get to find Susan’s email address. Best wishes: Glenn

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