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Friday December 6, 2013, Princeton University


Opening Panel: 12-3PM

Robert J. C. Young (NYU) 
Rereading the Symptomatic Reading
Bruno Bosteels (Cornell University)

Reading Capital From the Margins: The Logic of Uneven Development
Alain Badiou (ENS Paris)

Title TBA

Closing Panel 4-6PM

Emily Apter (NYU)

The ‘Real’ Object in Question: Flat Ontology and Productive Agency in Marxist Philosophy
Etienne Balibar (Columbia University)

A Point of Heresy in Western Marxism: Althusser’s and Tronti’s Antithetic Readings of Capital in the Early 60’s

This is a conference in advance of the fiftieth anniversary of the publication of Reading Capital by Louis Althusser, Etienne Balibar, Jacques Rancière, Pierre Macherey, and Roger Establet.

The publication of Lire le capital (Reading Capital) in 1965 undoubtedly marked a watershed in Marxist philosophy and critical theory more generally, constructing a dazzling array of concepts that still today can be said to constitute the syntax of radical philosophy. Reading Capital united Althusser with some of his most brilliant and precocious students in a common front against both the empiricism of Postwar Phenomenology and Sartrian Existentialism, as well as against the latent Idealist humanism of a certain Structuralism (Lévi-Strauss, Barthes).

Though the conference is free and open to the public, seating is limited, so please:

Register for the event here:

More information: Nick Nesbitt,

Sponsored by: The Department of French and Italian, PLAS, Department of Spanish and Portuguese


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Louis Althusser


Décalages: an Althusser Studies Journal: Vol.I , Issue 2 is now available

We are pleased to announce that the second issue of Décalages: an Althusser Studies Journal is now available online at

The issue includes a previously unpublished text by Althusser, “On Genesis” (1966), in which he explores the concept of a materialism of the encounter. The original French version is accompanied by English, Spanish and Italian translations, as well as an introduction by G.M. Goshgarian.

Also featured are Pierre Macherey’s examination of Judith Butler on the Althusserian theory of interpellation, Won Choi on Zizek’s critique of Althusser’s notion of ideology, Samuel Solomon’s reading of Derrida’s unpublished seminars on Althusser, as well as other articles and reviews.


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*Althusser in Latin America*

Organized by the Departments of Philosophy and History, and the Network for the Study of the Latin American Left (REIAL), Universidad Michoacana (UMSNH)

*Morelia, Michoacán: Monday, May 21 and Tuesday, May 22, 2012*
*Call for Papers*

In this international colloquium, open to scholars, students, independent researchers, and political activists, we seek to explore the reception of Louis Althusser’s work in Latin America.

The call for papers encompasses, but is not limited, to the following topics:

* The impact of Althusser’s work on Latin American social theory
* 1960s–1970s: Althusser’s reception by the Latin American New Left
* Althusserianism: internal tensions and methodological problems
* The early and the late Althusser: silences and theoretical promises
* Between philosophy and politics: Althusser’s relevance for the analysis of Latin American social movements in the XXI century

*Selection Process*
Please email a one-page abstract of the paper, preferably in Spanish, by March 31, 2012 to:
** and **.

Organizing Committee
Anna Popovitch, Department of Philosophy and Cultural Studies, UMSNH
Fernanda Navarro, Philosophy Department, UNAM and Department of Philosophy and Cultural Studies, UMSNH
Miguel Ángel Urrego, Department of History, UMSNH y REIAL


*Althusser en América Latina*

Organizado por el Instituto de Investigaciones Filosóficas, Instituto de Investigaciones Históricas, Red Para el Estudio de las Izquierdas en América Latina (REIAL) y la Facultad de Filosofía de la Universidad Michoacana (UMSNH)
*Morelia, Michoacán, lunes 21 y martes 22 de mayo de 2012*
*Convocatoria para recepción de ponencias*

El coloquio tiene como objetivo proporcionar un foro abierto para investigadores, profesores, estudiantes e integrantes de movimientos sociales para discutir la recepción de la obra de Louis Althusser en América Latina.

Los temas de discusión comprenden, pero no están restringidos a:

* El papel de Althusser en la formulación de la teoría social latinoamericana

* La recepción de Althusser durante los años 1960-1970 y las Nuevas Izquierdas

* La revolución teórica de Althusser: problemas metodológicos y tensiones internas

* El último Althusser: silencios y promesas teóricas

* Entre filosofía y política: la relevancia de Althusser para la teorización de movimientos sociales en América Latina en el siglo XXI

*Proceso de selección y fechas importantes*
Los interesados en participar deberán enviar un resumen de una página a más tardar el 31 de marzo de 2012 a los siguientes correos electrónicos: ****.

*Comité Organizador*
Dra. Anna Popovitch, Instituto de Investigaciones Filosóficas, UMSNH
Dra. Fernanda Navarro, Facultad de Filosofía y Letras, UNAM e Instituto de Investigaciones Filosóficas, UMSNH
Dr. Miguel Ángel Urrego, Instituto de Investigaciones Históricas, UMSNH y REIAL



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Philosophical Journal Nowa Krytyka, Socially Involved Journal Recykling Idei and Althusser Studies Journal Décalages and Szczecin University are inviting for the conference:

European Philosophy After the Epistemological Break

Date: 16 – 20. IX . 2010

Place: Pobierowo, ul. Grunwaldzka 66


The leading theme of the conference will be the conditions and possibilities of Louis Althusser’s philosophy, with the emphasis made on the effects which it is able to produce in the current politico-philosophical conjuncture. To examine the consequences of “philosophical intervention in politics” and “political intervention in the world of philosophy” we will try to map the key concepts of Althusser’s theoretical apparatus. Thus, during the conference, next to the tangle of misunderstandings concerning the notion of anti-humanist critique of subject and ideology, one will find possibility to discuss also the reception of Althusser’s late works concerning the “materialism of encounter”, or the epistemological concepts of theoretical practice and epistemological break. The other goal of the conference is to establish constant, international collaboration between critically oriented philosophical circles. 


Jerzy Kochan „NOWA KRYTYKA” / /

Mateusz Janik „RECYKLING IDEI” / /

To see the program, go to: 

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Louis Althusser

Louis Althusser



International Conference

9th – 11th October 2009

Jan Van Eyck Academie

Academieplein 1 Maastricht

The Netherlands

The work of Louis Althusser and his associates constituted an important attempt to rethink the political and philosophical potential of Marx’s thought, in tension with its ‘orthodox’ reading in Stalinism. In his work in the 1960s and 1970s, Althusser proposed to negate the metaphysical categories of subject, substance, telos, and end. He further explored these themes in the late 1970s and 1980s in terms of the event, the encounter and contingency. The late Althusser’s “materialism of the encounter” both provides many points of contact for a productive dialogue with thinkers associated with post-structuralism, while at the same time seeming to maintain a stronger connection to the Marxist tradition, particularly in terms of his continuing affirmation of the dictatorship of the proletariat. One of the purposes of this conference will be to attempt to gain an overview of the development of Althusser’s thought and to pose the question of its legacy for contemporary debates in radical political thought.

It is not only the legacy of Louis Althusser that will be of our interest here, however, but rather how to encounter and deal with the more unrecognised or suppressed points in his thought that remain enigmatic, and at the same time productive for further research in politics, economy, philosophy (and ideology). Many contemporary discussions ranging from Badiou and Zizek to Balibar, Laclau and Butler revolve around some topics that were traced or started by Louis Althusser, mainly on ideology, linking Althusser to Lacan or politics. In this conference, we would like to focus on some points that have not yet been discussed or have not yet been given the attention they deserve.

In the Althusserian spirit of philosophy working by attacking established positions on an occupied Kampfplatz, we outline four different fields of investigation to which panels will be dedicated: ruptures in philosophy, politics, political economy and politics and philosophy in the late Althusser. In each field, we intend to subject established interpretations of Althusser’s thought to critique and to attempt to determine productive areas for future research. Beyond such scholarly and philological debates, however, our guiding concern will be to pose the question of the extent to which an encounter with Althusser today has the potential to promote critical energies and perspectives that are capable of intervening effectively in the contemporary conjuncture.


* Ruptures in Philosophy: Dis/continuities in Althusser’s Thought

* The Primacy of Politics: Singularity, Dictatorship of Proletariat, Class Struggle

* The Critique of Political Economy and the Legacy of Althusser

* Politics and Philosophy in the Late Althusser: The Philosophy of the Encounter and Aleatory Materialism


Giorgos Fourtounis, Geoffrey Goshgarian, Slobodan Karamanic, Katja Kolsek, Marko Krzan, Mikko Lahtinen, Rasto Mocnik, Vittorio Morfino, Ozren Pupovac, Jason Read, Panagiotis Sotiris, Maria Turchetto, Caroline Williams, Frieder Otto Wolf


Katja Diefenbach, Gal Kirn, Peter Thomas


For further details, see:

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