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Daily Archives: September 10th, 2010

Leon Trotsky


70 year since Trotsky’s death
A meeting to celebrate Trotsky’s revolutionary life

7-9pm Tuesday 21 September
2nd floor, ULU, Malet Street, Euston, London


John McDonnell MP

Kim Moody (American activist and author) 

Farook Tariq (Labour Party Pakistan)

Yvan Lemaitre (New Anti-capitalist Party, France)

Sean Matgamna (AWL)

Organised by Alliance for Workers Liberty:

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Lost Generation


DPR10: Discourse, Power, Resistance Conference 2011


University of Plymouth, United Kingdom, 13-15 April 2011
Sponsored by the School of Secondary and Further Education Studies

Official DPR Conference Website:

The DPR conference returns to Plymouth in its tenth year, bringing together learners, teachers, researchers and policy-makers from the international education community to look at the crises in contemporary education, not just at post-compulsory level but across the board from pre-school to post-graduate. The need for change in education has never been more urgent. The conference will bring colleagues from around the world to think radically about education changing, and needing to change.

The conference will be divided into 7 streams:

– What is the point of education?
– Anticipative education: policy and practice
– Education in a funding crisis
– Widening participation: for real
– Education across the boundaries of faith: challenging fear and hatred
– The future of post-compulsory education: the internet and 
   the role of the university
– DPR: open

The DPR conference is a site for the radical critique of discourse, power and resistance within and beyond the discipline of education, looking at concerns which are currently troubling learners, teachers and researchers engaged at all stages from pre-school to postgraduate. The conference looks more widely at the impact on education of powerful interests in and behind the policy-making apparatus as they exert their influence to reshape the goals and ethos of learning, teaching and research. DPR transgresses inter-disciplinary boundaries, attracting scholars from across the humanities and social sciences. A continuing concern of the conference is the contested issue of research methodology and the related issues of the problem of knowledge.

The conference has an international reputation, drawing delegates from a wide range of the developed and developing nations and attracting world-class keynote speakers.

The DPR journal, Power and Education (, was launched in 2009.

For full information, including a Call for Papers and registration details, please visit the conference website:

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 The September 2010 Anti Academies Alliance Newspaper is now available.

 It includes:

 * Updates on the impact of the Academies Act

* The case against ‘Free’ schools, who loses? Consultation

* Campaign news.

…and much more

The Newspaper is being printed today and will be posted out on Monday 13th September.

For more details on how to get the Newspaper, please download the order form and post in your order:

Or email in your order and we will send you an invoice.

Anti Academies Alliance:

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Capitalist Schools in Crisis

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A message from Rich Gibson

Dear Friends

Please note the Rouge Forum Broadside, “Why Have School? Education and the Resistance linked here:

Why have school (?) is a fine, back to school, exercise.

…and note too, the South Africa public workers’ strike (including educators) in retreat (a familiar echo of political betrayal):

A strike by more than one million public sector workers in South Africa has been suspended. Trade Union leaders say they have not accepted a pay offer by the Government, but will halt the strike for three weeks to allow their members time to consider it. The BBC reports some 1.3 million civil servants went on strike demanding a pay rise of 8.5% and a housing allowance of 1000 rand ($US135) per month. The government has offered 7.5%.President Jacob Zuma last week ordered his ministers to negotiate an end to the strike, which is entering its fourth week. The government’s renewed offer was initially refused by the unions and the Congress of South African Trades Unions. The strike has seen strong criticism of President Jacob Zuma, who the unions helped bring to power in 2009. Analysts say the unions are angry that they have received little from him.


Good luck to us, every one

Rich Gibson

The Rouge Forum:


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Radical Politics


PSA specialist group on rhetoric

Dear All

I am currently formulating a proposal to establish a Political Studies Association specialist group on Rhetoric and Politics and am scouting for potential members. If accepted, the group will have regular panels at the PSA conferences and funds to organise seminars at other times on theoretical and empirical themes that you might be interested in.

If you are a member of the UK PSA and are interested in joining such a group, can you reply to me at

The more members I can list on the proposal, the more persuasive it would be! If it isn’t obvious by your email, let me know your institutional affiliation so I can flag that in the application along with your name.

Many thanks

Jim Martin

For more on the PSA (including how to join):

Goldsmiths, University of London
New Cross
London SE14 6NW
Tel. 020 7919 7754

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