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Rethinking Language, Diversity, and Education

University of the Aegean (Rhodes, Greece)

May 28, 2015 – May 31, 2015

Honoring the contributions of Professor Jim Cummins (OISE/UT) and Professor Michalis Damanakis (University of Crete)

Language has complex implications for identity, communication, social integration, and education, but also for building inclusive societies and and intercultural dialogue while preserving cultural heritage.  While linguistic and cultural diversity in our classrooms and communities has the potential to enlighten and expand our understanding of both others and ourselves, it also presents challenges to the balance between coherence and pluralism in societies. Language diversity is frequently not recognized and undervalued in both mainstream society and education. Homogenizing and assimilationist educational practices and language policies still prevail around the globe at the risk of losing the ethno-linguistic vitality and wealth of non-dominant languages.

In our contemporary reality of ever expanding and compounding “multies” (multilingualism, multiculturalism, multimodality, multiliteracies, etc), how do we create pedagogical spaces that would nurture and enhance the linguistic communities and honour the cultural differences of students in the twenty-first century? What does it mean to rethink language diversity in education and how can we foster true inclusion in our increasingly linguistically diverse schools?  This gathering will bring together emerging and established researchers around the practices and policies of language diversity in education with representatives of school boards, teacher associations, policy makers community leaders, teachers, and school administrators to engage issues of linguistic and cultural diversity that have created a new ground for teaching and learning. A rethinking of the dimensions of language diversity in education  and its pedagogical imperatives in communal and global contexts will enable new direction with respect to the question of difference, social justice and pedagogy in the new millennium.


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