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Tyrion Lannister

Tyrion Lannister


Trotskyists in German Occupied France


By Yvan Craipeau

Translated by David Broder

With an appendix of the surviving collection of Arbeiter und Soldat and a fragment of Der Arbeiter in English translation.

This book tells the history of France’s Trotskyists from 1938 to 1945, focusing on their activities aimed at subverting the German army of occupation. 

It considers the history of the French Left, the coming of war, the independent line taken by Trotskyists in opposition to the French CP, work aimed at influencing German soldiers, and the potential for radical change at the end of the war. It reproduces the text of publications aimed at influencing the German conscripts in the occupation army.

Much has been written on the French Resistance but far less is known of the small courageous minority who rejected nationalism and based their activity on the international unity of the working class. Craipeau’s book gives a fascinating account of these revolutionaries, based on his own first-hand experience of the movement. David Broder has done us a service in making this important book available to English readers. Ian Birchall, former senior lecturer, Middlesex University.

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