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The Storm in the World Economy


Uncaptive Minds Discussion Forum


16th February 2009


The last winter has seen the biggest breakdown in the world financial system since the Great Depression, and the opening-up of what promises to be a deep and prolonged recession.


Banks have collapsed. Household names from Woolworths to Wedgwood have gone to the wall. The ideological dominance of the free-marketers and neoliberals has been swept away.


And yet few are challenging the real cause of the crisis – capitalism itself. The broadsheets write acres about Karl Marx, but in most Western countries the workers’ movement is not even fit to take a punch at the ruling class.


We will be discussing the composition of the global working class today, its relation to the economic crisis and the prospects of uprooting this system.




Kim Moody (leading figure in the American rank-and-file trade union publication Labor Notes)


Andrew Fisher (Left Economics Advisory Panel)



7pm, Monday 16th February, Lucas Arms, Nr. King’s Cross, London


Posted here by Glenn Rikowski

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