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International Conference
Lenin’s Thought in the 21st Century: Interpretation and Its Value
(Wuhan, Saturday-Monday, October 20-22, 2012)

The Rosa Luxemburg Foundation; the School of Philosophy, Wuhan University; the Institute of Marxist Philosophy, Wuhan University; and the Institute of Western Marxist Philosophy, Wuhan University are planning to hold an international conference dealing with various aspects of the ideas and activities of Vladimir Lenin (1870-1924), to develop the study of Lenin’s thought and contemporary issues in the world of 21st century and enhance the academic exchanges between western and eastern scholars.

Themes to be discussed at the conference:

(1) Lenin and Marx;

(2) Lenin and the Marxism of the Second International;

(3) Lenin and Luxemburg;

(4) Lenin and Chinese Marxism;

(5) Lenin and Russian Marxism;

(6) Lenin and the Western Marxist Tradition;

(7) Lenin’s theory of Imperialism and World Systems Today;

(8) Lenin’s National Question and the “Third World” Today;

(9) Lenin’s conception of Democracy and the Socialism Today;

(10) Lenin’s Conception of Revolution and the Revolutionary Party;

(11) Lenin and Feminism;

(12) Lenin’s Relevance for the 21st Century.

Further themes and aspects regarding his life and thought and its relevance to today’s world are welcome.

Scholars interested in participating in the conference are invited to submit proposals for papers to be presented. The submission should include:

(1) A short CV, with a list of main publications;

(2) The title of the proposed presentation and a summary of up to 250 words.

The submission should be sent in English to Dr. Wu Xinwei: by July 15, 2012. Full text of paper to be presented should be sent in English by September 20, 2012.

The conference will be held atWuhanUniversityon October 20-22, 2012. Conference language: English and Chinese.




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