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Match Women

Match Women


1-10 August, with the main event taking place all day on Saturday 9 August 2014


A festival of talks, workshops and entertainment celebrating Sylvia Pankhurst and the East London Suffragettes and exploring our festival themes:

  • Feminism and other equality campaigns
  • Protest, politics and activism
  • Hidden histories, especially women’s, working class and migrant voices
  • Celebrating East London today


The festival is being entirely organised by volunteers in partnership with local groups and business and with the support of the Feminist Review Trust and the East End Community Foundation.

The East London Suffragette Festival is an unincorporated voluntary association with a central committee. To contact us please

You can also find us on Facebook and Twitter.


  • Celebrate and raise awareness about the East London Federation of Suffragettes and the work of Sylvia Pankhurst
  • Build awareness and support for contemporary women’s rights and equality causes and campaigns
  • Promote East London’s vibrant history, culture, social business and activism
  • Raise money for and raise the profile of the wonderful Newham Action Against Domestic Violence
  • Bring communities together by celebrating shared local heritage
  • Have fun!

Get involved

We would love to hear from individuals, groups, businesses and venues who want to be involved or support the festival in some way.

Could you help us with:

  • volunteering at our events?
  • promoting the festival?
  • gifts in kind, from craft supplies to advertising space or printing?
  • sponsorship or funding?

If you’d like to be involved in any way please contact Sarah

Partners and friends

We’re excited to be working with:

Newham Bookshop

For Books’ Sake

Four Corners Film

The Sylvia Pankhurst Trust

East End Walks

Tower Hamlets Community Housing

Friends of Meath Gardens

Bow Idea Store

G KELLY, Roman Road Market






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The Charter



1839:  The Chartist Insurrection
David  Black and Chris Ford
(Unkant Publishing)

ISBN:  978-0-9568176-6-2
Published:  April 2012, 268pp

‘This book assists us greatly in understanding the potential for future challenges to the system’ — John McDonnell MP

‘In retrieving the suppressed history of the Chartist Insurrection, David Black and Chris Ford have produced a revolutionary handbook’ — Ben Watson

1839, the year after QueenVictoria’s coronation, saw a chain of events which brought Britain closer to revolution than at any time since the English Civil War – or any time since. The issue was the unjust and corrupt electoral system, in which only seven hundred thousand people were entitled to vote in a country of twenty-five million. Drawing on the accounts of the participants themselves – agitators, conspirators, idealists, journalists, informers, soldiers and  politicians – 1839 shows how Parliament’s rejection of the first Chartist petition for Universal Suffrage led to mass rioting, a failed general strike and insurrections in south Wales and northern England.

The events of 1839 are  presented not just as a battle of wills between the Chartists and the Government, but also as a battle of ideas between the radicals themselves on questions of democracy, social justice, and the ‘limits’ of peaceful protest.

Foreword by John McDonnell MP. Appendices include Julian Harney’s ‘The Tremendous Uprising’ and Edward Aveling’s memoir, ‘George Julian Harney: A Straggler of 1848’. Illustrated throughout.

David  Black  is author of ‘Acid: A New Secret  History of LSD’ and ‘Helen Macfarlane: A Feminist, Revolutionary Journalist and Philosopher in Mid-Nineteenth Century England’.

Chris  Ford’s works  include ‘The  Crossroads of the European Revolution: Ukrainian Social-Democrats and Communists  1917-1920’ (Critique, 2010), and Introduction to ‘Borotbism: A Chapter in the History of the  Ukrainian Revolution’ by Ivan Maistrenko.


Update 23rd May 2012:

Promotional Film for the Book:


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