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Ordu City Centre, Turkey

Ordu City Centre, Turkey


Systematic oppressions and mobbing against trade union members at Ordu University have gained momentum in the last weeks. Unionized academics are being blocked to do what is necessary to run their scientific studies, which are of course their most basic duties.

According to the latest news to come from Ordu University, affixed stamps and notices of the Union on the doors of personal rooms belonging to seven assistant professors, who are all members of KESK/EgitimSen Union, were photographed and taken off under the escort of security forces. It has also been told by reporters that a field investigation regarding with these seven assistant professors was put in motion. The criminalized words of the Union were that: “We would like to have a university for the benefit of humans, society and nature”.

Despite the peaceful character of this message these notices and stamps were taken off and concerned union members were taken into formal investigation by the directive given by Professor Guven Murat, the Dean of the Faculty of Economics and Administration Sciences. This is a brutal violation of trade union rights which were adopted by European Court of Human Rights.

Another problem is that all these investigations and mobbing have been used for the purpose of deterrence to prevent scientists to practice academic and scientific freedoms. Indeed an inquiry was hold against Assistant Professor Dr. Deniz Yildirim only because he participated and made a presentation in an activity organized by a social foundation named TAKSAV (Culture and Art Foundation For Social Researches) on 24th December 2012. This was despite the fact that Deniz Yildirim was away on leave on 24th! Although he was at work at the University on 25th December, the wording used in the accusation letter sent by the Dean proves both discrimination against Union members and also bad the intentions of the University Management.

What is more, the contracts of unionized scholars have been renewed only for two years as exceptions of the usual practice (three years!). There are many examples showing that Union members have been exposed to arbitrary and discriminative actions of University Management. Unusual supervisions that unorganized scholars never face with are systematically put in practice only for those who are members in KESK/EgitimSen.


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From the Institute of Employment Rights

The New Spectre Haunting Europe: The ECJ, Trade Union Rights and the British Government

A FREE conference, in association with SERTUC

Saturday 28th November 2009, 10:00am – 3:30pm, at the TUC Congress House, London

Please distribute this message to colleagues, activists, networks and members. The weblink where you can find out more and book places is here:  

The New Spectre Haunting Europe: The ECJ, Trade Union Rights and the British Government

A free conference, Saturday 28th November 2009, 10:00am- 3:30pm, in the Main Hall, TUC Congress House

Organised by The Institute of Employment Rights in association with SERTUC

To book your free place, please book at

This conference, organised around the 2nd anniversary of the initial ECJ decisions, aims to bring workers together with sympathetic academics and lawyers to share information, learn from each others’ experiences and plan for a better future.

So how should unions and their members respond? What are the political, legal and industrial options open to unions and their members? Unions are pushing politically for changes to EU and UK laws. Lawyers are looking at ways to challenge the direction of the ECJ through the ILO and the European Court of Human Rights. But can workers wait? Examples of workers ignoring restrictive laws and fighting back in defence of pay and jobs are already spreading – and winning.

Speakers include:- John Hendy QC; John Monks, ETUC; Sarah Veale, TUC; Prof Keith Ewing; Bob Crow, RMT; Barry Camfield, ODA; Steve Cottingham, O H Parsons; Richard Arthur, Thompsons Solicitors; Brian Caton, POA; Billy Hayes, CWU

Full programme here:  

Phelim MacCafferty
Projects and Events Officer
Institute of Employment Rights
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Brighton East Sussex
t: 01273 330819

This year is IER’s 20th anniversary. We are proud of what we have achieved but recognise more needs to be done. Show your continued support by taking a subscription and joining our debate. Go to

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