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The Radical Anthropology Group is running the following seminars for the Autumn Term 2009:

November 3rd: Marx’s anthropological writings and the current global crisis – HILLEL TICKTIN

November 10th: ‘Beauty Magic’: Cosmetics and the origins of culture – CAMILLA POWER

November 17th: Living cosmology day-to-day: the Mbendjele hunter-gathereres of Congo – JEROME LEWIS

November 24th: What future for the forest people? – JEROME LEWIS

December 1st: Hobbits and ‘Out of Africa’ – CHRIS STRINGER

December 8th: Totem and taboo – CHRIS KNIGHT

December 15th: A Christmas fairy tale: ‘The Shoes that were Danced to Pieces’ – CHRIS KNIGHT

All lectures take palce at the St. Martin’s Community Centre, 43 Carol Street, London NW1. Tuesdays 6.15-9.00


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