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Samir Amin

Samir Amin


Seminars with the renowned Egyptian economist Samir Amin, which took place on 25 and 26 April at SOAS, University of London, are now available online.

The seminars (with links to the film) include:

The Deployment of the Bandung Project (1955 – 1970)

Neoliberalism and the Decline of the Bandung Project (1975 – 2000)

The Second Wave of the Rise of the South; the Emerging Countries (as of 2000)

Professor Samir Amin is Director of the Third World Forum (Dakar, Senegal). He is one of the most prominent theorists of the political economy of development and global accumulation as well as one of the best-known analysts of Arab and African economies.

Organiser Professor Gilbert Achcar commented: “The Department of Development Studies at SOAS was delighted to host these three lectures by Professor Samir Amin, one of the best-known names in the field, a thinker who emerged since the 1960s as a major and most prominent contributor to the study of development and to the debates on North-South relations.”

To view the seminars please click on the individual links above.

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