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'Heretic' - by Van Pace


Seven centuries after conquest of the human colony on Xerxes by the alien Numina, Brother Stefan’s religious order act as watchdogs against revolt. As he attends the deathbed of a heretic, the Numina give Stefan a warning to deliver to his superiors at Rock Point Abbey. The message is greeted with anger and distrust, and Stefan is forced to rely on an unlikely ally for protection: Hathor, the sole surviving artificial intelligence on Xerxes.

The price of Stefan’s safety is the retrieval of a stolen book, and the task will take him on a lengthy and dangerous journey to La Infanta – an off-world way-station on the verge of a bloody coup. Even away from Xerxes, other forces are in motion. The Numina may be stirring, but their ancient enemy the Berefhi are already advancing towards Xerxes. Between the two opposing alien sides, their agents and servants are poised, like pieces on a chessboard.

At the centre of all their actions, the stolen book exerts its hold over monks and rebels alike. This most holy of texts is flawed, and to read it is to invite the taint of heresy. By the end of their journey, neither Stefan nor any of his fellow passengers will remain unchanged. Some will survive and some will not, but all will be altered irrevocably.

Heretic is the first gripping short novel in the Theomachy series. The second is Exile.


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