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The Future Present



Critical Marxist Review of Class and Society

The Future Present offers critical Marxist analysis of class and society, in the UK and internationally.  Our Review is a forum for people who want to strengthen the activism of the present, for the renewal and recomposition of the communist movement, and for those who wish to replace global capitalism with a genuinely human emancipatory communism.  

The pilot issue includes exclusive translations from Russian, Ukrainian, German and Italian with rare Marxist texts published for the first time in English.

Issue No.1 includes:

·         Gregor Gall: Creating Coalitions against the Cuts

·         Kim Moody: How should socialists relate to a new social movements

·         Andrew Kliman:  Lies, Damned Lies, and Underconsumptionist Statistics

·         Erik Swyngedouw: The Communist Hypothesis in the 21st century


·         Aleksandr Tarasov:  World Revolution 2 the Return to a Global Revolutionary Strategy Based on the Experience of the 20th Century

·         Emiliano Alessandroni: Libya, Gramsci and Historical Dogmatism

·         Kevin Anderson:  The Arab Revolution at the Crossroads

Anthology: Communism and the National Question: past, present and future

·         Allan Armstrong: Communism and   ‘Internationalism from Below’

·         Maggie Chetty:  Working towards an independent, republican, socialist Scotland  

·         Joan Josep: Nuet i Pujals National State; Popular Catalanism Through Self-Determination

·         Dan Jakopovich: The Interdependence of Nationalisms,  and the Struggle for a Left Alternative 

·         Goran Markovic: National Question and Nationalism inYugoslavia, What went wrong?

·         Zakhar Popovych:  Ukrainian capitalism and Russification

·         Moshé Machover: TheMiddle East– Still at The Crossroads

·         Muhsin Kareem:   Communism, nationalism and  the Independence of Kurdistan 

·         Ivan Dzyuba: The Future of Nations; Nations under Communism

The first English translation of the Lev Yurkevych – Lenin debate On the National Question

·         Chris Ford: Lev Yurkevych: A Sketch of a forgotten Marxist

·         Lev Yurkevych: Jesuit Politics (1914)

·         Lev Yurkevych: The Russian Social Democrats and the National Question (1917)

Further information available at:

The journal will be available in most radical bookshops and at labour movement events.  

Copies can be obtained by post for £6.00(UK) each including postage.  €5 (Eurozone), $6 (Canada)


Critical Marxist Review of Class and Society

145-157 St John Street, London EC1V 4PY,United Kingdom



‘I believe in the afterlife.

It starts tomorrow,

When I go to work’

Cold Hands & Quarter Moon, ‘Human Herbs’ at: (recording) and (live)

‘Maximum levels of boredom

Disguised as maximum fun’

Cold Hands & Quarter Moon, ‘Stagnant’ at: (recording) and (live, at the Belle View pub, Bangor, north Wales)  

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Critical Marxist Review of Class and Society

145-157 St John Street, London EC1V 4PY, United Kingdom


Dear Friends and Comrades,

I am writing to you with regard to a new project I have undertaken to appeal for help.

The Future Present is a critical Marxist journal will be launched shortly.  Though published in London, England The Future Present is being published in close cooperation with comrades from as far apart as Ukraine, Russia, Bosnia and Scotland.  We are pleased to have the extensive participation of Marxists from Ukraine, and also other countries of the former USSR and Yugoslavia and future issues we will  give voice to the discussions and debates of these comrades who are struggling to overcome the legacy of Stalinism.

In the pilot issue of The Future Present we publish for the first time in English a range of articles both contemporary and historical. These address a number of questions of fundamental importance.  The includes reclaiming communism for today, the national question and possibility of a global revolutionary strategy in the 21st century.

In the pilot issue is published an exclusive translation of the essay by the Russian Marxist theorist Aleksandr Tarasov World Revolution 2.  This is accompanied by a range of articles on the question of communism and the national question with publication for the first time in English of articles by Lev Yurkevych and his polemics with Lenin from 1914 and 1917.  

In forthcoming issues we shall continue this work with including an examination of the problem of counter revolution arising from within the revolution itself.  Work has already begun on new translations of rare texts by Volodymyr Vynnychenko, The Revolution in Danger (1920) and Bolshevist Bonapartism by Ivan Maistrenko (1948).  It is hoped also to include English translations of the documents of the opposition Democratic Centralist faction in the Russian Communist Party (Bolsheviks). 


The Future Present is an initiative which depends entirely on its readers and supporters.  It is in serious need of funds to ensure the new initiative gets going and can sustain itself.  Please show your solidarity with The Future Present by making a donation, no matter how small it can help a great deal with this new journal of critical Marxism and contributing towards a new emancipatory communism for the 21st century. 

A cheque can be made to The Future Present at the above address or for transfers account details can be supplied on request.  Any assistance is greatly appreciated.

Yours in solidarity

Chris Ford


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