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Taiwan Journal of Sociology of Education

Vol. 9 No. 2, December 2009


Research Papers

The Model for the Transformation of Teacher Role: A Process with the Teacher Agency as a Pivot, Ding-Ying Guo (pp.1-36)

A Study on the Primary School Teachers Perception on Their Social Status and Professional Identity: A Case Study of Central Taiwan, Yen-Chao Huang, Fwu-Yuan Weng (pp.37-78)

Disentangle the Effects of Family Structure on Kids Dropping out of School: A Meta-Analytical Study, Simon Chang, Hung-Yu Lin (pp.79-113)

College Students’ Attitudes Toward LGBT Issues: An Investigation at a University of Education, Te-Sheng Chang, Tsai-Wei Wang (pp.115-150)

Taiwan Association for the Sociology of Education


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