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Tadween Launches!

We are pleased to announce the launch of Tadween Publishing, a new kind of publishing house that seeks both to produce critical knowledge and interrogate existing processes and frameworks of knowledge production. A subsidiary of the Arab Studies Institute, Tadween aims to institutionalize a new form of publishing and knowledge production by challenging existing barriers, boundaries, and preconceived notions of the mainstream publishing world. By critically engaging existing scholarship and, simultaneously, by expanding the scope of what is deemed publication worthy, Tadween will interrogate the notion of publishable knowledge. We will publish in Arabic, English, and French, and there will be no restrictions on region or topic. For more information on Tadween, its editorial board, and staff, visit

New/Old Media, Social Media
The ambition of this new type of publishing house is to help influence the publishing world by incorporating the evolution of new media and knowledge production mechanisms as individuals become increasingly reliant on online and non-traditional media.

Interactivity With Purpose
Increasingly, knowledge consumers, particularly the new generations, process and access knowledge differently, and are stimulated by a variety of media that did not exist until recently. Tadween seeks not only to join the interactive knowledge production world, but to do so in an intellectually responsible manner.

Pedagogy and the Classroom
While engaging and expanding the notion of what is publication-worthy, Tadween emphasizes the pedagogical dimension of its products. Not all publications are equally amenable to a classroom, but most Tadween texts will have a teachable and research dimension that will be deliberated in the production process.

Knowledge Production Project
Finally, Tadween will be the primary vehicle for the dissemination of the fruits of the Arab Studies Institute’s Knowledge Production Project (KPP). This project aims at gathering/mining, organizing, and analyzing knowledge produced on the Middle East, primarily in the English-speaking world, since 1979.


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