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Marx and Education


The global economic and financial crisis has witnessed a deepening of interest in different forms of critical and radical thought and practice. Following a successful series in 2010/11, the London Seminar on Contemporary Marxist Theory in 2011/12 will continue to explore the new perspectives that have been opened up by Marxist interventions in this political and theoretical conjuncture. It involves collaboration among Marxist scholars based in several London universities, including Brunel University, King’s College London, and the School of Oriental and African Studies.

Guest speakers – from both Britain and abroad – will include a wide range of thinkers engaging with many different elements of the various Marxist traditions, as well as with diverse problems and topics. The aim of the seminar is to promote fruitful debate and to contribute to the development of more robust Marxist analysis. It is open to all.

2011/12 Seminar Series

12th October, 6pm

King’s College London, Strand Campus, Room S-3.18

Alex Callinicos (King’s College, London)

Slavoj Zizek and the Critique of Political Economy

9th November, 6pm

King’s College London, Strand Campus, Room S-3.18

David McNally (York University, Toronto)

Monsters of the Market: Zombies, Vampires and Global Capitalism

14th December, 6pm

King’s College London, Strand Campus, Room S-3.18

Jairus Banaji (SOAS)

Retotalizing Fascism: reading Arthur Rosenberg through Sartre’s ‘Critique’

The schedule for 2012 will be made available at a later date.

Speakers will include Susan Marks (LSE)

For further information, please contact: Alex Callinicos, European Studies, King’s College London:

Stathis Kouvelakis, European Studies, King’s College London:

Costas Lapavitsas, Economics, SOAS:

Peter Thomas, Politics and History, Brunel:


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