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Education Crisis


Friday 7th September, 2012

SRHE, 73 Collier Street, London N1 9BE

11.30-4.30 (lunch served after the first presentation)


There is a perception among the continental European academic community that a single Anglo-Saxon intellectual world exists, united by a common language and culture. This seminar contributes towards putting that assumption to the test. Is Australasian research into higher education in fact distinct from that carried out in other Anglophone contexts? Do Australasian researchers bring to their work culturally- and geographically-influenced perspectives that elude or challenge their UK-based colleagues? To address these – and other – questions about ‘Antipodean’ analyses, the SRHE’s International Research and Researchers Network is pleased to host a seminar in which three Australasian-based academics talk about their current work, and UK-based Australian, Professor Susan Robertson from the University of Bristol, responds as discussant.


The rise and rise of higher education and research in East Asia, and some implications for comparative analysis

Professor Simon Marginson, University of Melbourne, Australia

Investment in research and development in East Asia and Singapore now exceeds that of the UK and Europe. The rate of growth in science is astonishing, and many ‘World class universities’ have emerged. East Asian developments (and potential developments in other geo-spatial regions) suggest that the universal templates for comparative education need to be rethought. Global modernisation is associated with convergent political economies that are nonetheless articulated through distinctive political-cultural configurations. This presentation will address these, and other, related, issues.


Research into doctoral pedagogy, practice and process-towards-product

Dr Susan Carter, Centre for Academic Development, University of Auckland, New Zealand

Research on doctoral pedagogy focuses on a range of intriguing aspects: personal experience; institutional policy and rhetoric; pedagogy; and product. In this presentation, Dr Carter critiques the changing nature of the social negotiations that the doctorate makes. Her perspective on the social and personal representation of the thesis is generic: she shows the tensions between the generic requirements for a thesis, the discipline/epistemological demands, and the authorial desire for an authentic voice.


Do we want to overcome the failure of feedback? New analyses for new times

Professor David Boud, University of Technology, Sydney, Australia

Criticism by students about feedback has long dominated student surveys. Poor perceptions of feedback have generated many simplistic exhortations and prescriptions. Less visibly, research literature now offers increasingly well-founded advice about what might be done to improve feedback in courses. The problem, though, is that this research points not to incremental change but to challenges to cherished assumptions about what HE teachers do. This presentation will address what are these new ways of thinking about feedback, and what implications they have for how HE teaching and learning is organised.


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