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Student Rebellion


Public forum with visiting education historian Dr Leonora Reyes, University of Chile

Queensland University of Technology

Gardens Point campus (Brisbane), 15 September 2011, Room 310 M-Block, 6.30-8pm

Since April, Chile has been paralysed by huge student and workers’ mobilisations intended to abolish fees, democratise schools and universities, and make public education open to all. Thousands of students are on strike and have occupied hundreds of schools and universities. Such is their public support that the popularity of the national university students’ leader, Camila Vallejos, now outstrips President Piñera’s by 4 to 1. The global implications are potentially profound: the Pinochet dictatorship’s private marketisation of education in 1980 has since been copied around the world.

Join us for a first-hand report and debate on the implications for all.

Sponsors: Australian Solidarity with Latin America (ASLA), National Tertiary Education Union (University of Queensland branch), QUT Student Guild.


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