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The Man in Black


NEW: Lucien van der Walt, “Counterpower, participatory democracy, revolutionary defence: debating ‘Black Flame,’ revolutionary anarchism and historical Marxism”

Lucien van der Walt, 2011, “Counterpower, Participatory Democracy, Revolutionary Defence: debating ‘Black Flame,’ revolutionary anarchism and historical Marxism,” ‘International Socialism: a quarterly journal of socialist theory’, no. 130 (2011), pp. 193-207, online at:

This article is, in part, a response to criticisms of the broad anarchist tradition in ‘International Socialism’ (ISJ), an International Socialist Tendency (IST) journal. However, it is also an examination of issues like the use of sources in Marxist/ anarchist debates, the historical/ current impact of anarchism/ syndicalism, anarchism and the question of defending revolutions, revolutions and pluralism, anarchism and political struggles and bodies, the Spanish anarchists’ debates on taking power, anarchism’s relationship to democracy, the historical role of Marxism, the role of Bolshevism in the fate of the Russian Revolution, Lenin and Stalin, and the tasks of the 21st century left.

EXTENDED version:
Lucien van der Walt, 7 April 2011, “Detailed reply to ‘International Socialism’: debating power and revolution in anarchism, ‘Black Flame’ and historical Marxism,” 62 pp., online at

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