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Call for Abstracts by Research Network 18 – Sociology of Communications and Media Research: Communication, Crisis, Critique and Change

Coordinator: Christian Fuchs
Communication, Crisis, Critique and Change

Abstracts should not exceed 1750 characters (including spaces, approximately 250 words). Each paper session will have the duration of 1.5 hours. Normally sessions will include 4 papers.

For submission, please use the form that shows up when clicking on the links next to the session titles on

Abstracts can only be submitted online no later than 1st of February 2013 to the submission platform hosted on the conference website. Abstracts sent by email cannot be accepted.

ESA RN18 focuses in its conference stream on the discussion of how crisis, critque and societal changes shape the study of media, communication & society today. The overall questions we want to address are:
* Which crises (including the fnancial and economic crisis of capitalism, global wars and conflicts, ecological crisis, the crisis of democracy, legitimation crisis, etc) are we experiencing today and how do they influence media and communication in contemporary society?
* What are the major changes of society, the media, and communication that we are experiencing today?
* What forms of political critique (political movements) and academic critique (critical studies, critical media sociology, critical theory, etc) are emerging today and are needed for interpreting and changing media, communication and society?

ESA RN18 is calling for both general submissions on “Communicaton, Crisis, Critique and Change” that address these questions as wellas more specific submissions that address a number of specific session topics. For detailed session descriptions, please see:

01RN18. Capitalism, Communication, Crisis & Critique Today
This session focuses on how to critically study the connection of capitalism and communication in times of crisis.

02RN18. Communication, Crisis and Change in Europe
This session focuses on media and communicaton in Europe in times of crisis and change. We are especially interested in presentations that cover Europe as a whole and go beyond single-country studies

03RN18. Knowledge Labour in the Media and Communication Industries in Times of Crisis

04RN18. Critical Social Theory and the Media: Studying Media, Communication and Society Critically

05RN18. Sociology of Communications and Media Research (open)

06JS18. RN18 Joint session with RN06 Critical Political Economy
Critical Political Economy of the Media and Communication in Times of Capitalist Crisis and Change
(Chairs: Ian Bruff & Christian Fuchs)

18JS29. RN18 Joint session with RN29 Social Theory
Social Theory and Media Sociology Today
(Chairs: George Pleios and Csaba Szalo)


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