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Sociology of Religion Study Group (SOCREL) Annual Conference

28 – 30 March 2012

University of Chester


Plenary Speakers:

Professor Tariq Modood (University of Bristol)

Professor Elaine Graham (University of Chester)

Professor Sean McCloud (University of North Carolina)


Also featuring:

* A roundtable discussion with Professor Linda Woodhead, Dr Rebecca Catto (Lancaster University) and contributors to the forthcoming volume Religious Change in Modern Britain (Routledge)

* Dr Karen Jochelson and Dr David Perfect (Equality and Human Rights Commission)


This interdisciplinary conference gathers academics and practitioners to discuss the complex ways religion interacts with systems of power and/or categories of difference that affect experiences of equality and/or inequality in individuals, groups and spaces. The intersections of gender, race and class are typically part of the mutually constitutive ‘matrix’ of social categories that contribute to identities and power relations, however religion is often overlooked. Such oversight can only result in limited analyses and leaves pathways to social inclusion and exclusion concealed. Through this conference we seek to bring together research that explores the ways religious beliefs, identities, practices, communities and institutions can contribute to both experiences of belonging and marginalization.

Abstracts are invited on the conference theme, especially on the interaction of religious beliefs, traditions, practices and identities with: 



Multicultural politics                   






Healthcare and Well-being                   

Social justice

Public policy                              

Please submit abstracts by 28 October 2011 to Dr Dawn Llewellyn (Universityof Chester) & Dr Sonya Sharma (DurhamUniversity) at:

Abstracts for 20 minute papers (300 words max.), panel proposals (750 words max.) and alternative formats (750 words max.) are welcomed.


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Call for Papers

BSA Ageing Body and Society Study Group Conference: Body Work in Health and Social Care

British Library Conference Centre,London

Tuesday 6th September 2011

Supported by the SHI Foundation and the British Library.


This day conference seeks to extend and deepen interest in the concept of ‘body work’ – understood here as work focusing on the bodies of others, typically undertaken in a paid context. As such it is a component in a range of occupations in health and social care, and beyond. We invite abstracts for papers that address the relevance of ‘body work’ to the sociology of health, illness and care, and to policy debates in these areas. Research on body work and ageing, including the experience of both providers and recipients of body work, is particularly welcome. We are also keen to include papers that draw comparisons with other areas of work such as personal services like hairdressing or sex work. Papers addressing methodological issues in studying body work (including, for instance, ethical questions, or the use of visual representations) are also welcome.

Topics of interest include:

  • The transformation and discipline of the body through health, care, and death work
  • The role of gender, class and racialisation on constructions of body work and body work interactions
  • The temporal and spatial organization of body work
  • Recruitment and training for body work and the embodied practitioner
  • Emotion, touch and reflexivity
  • Power, intimacy, and vulnerability
  • Dirty work and abjection
  • Formal and informal resistance by practitioners or patients or clients
  • The political economy of body work provision and its transformation over time

The Conference is organised by the BSA Ageing, Body and Society Study Group and supported by the Sociology of Health and Illness Foundation. It marks the publication of the recent Special Issue of Sociology of Health and Illness and the forthcoming monograph Body Work in Health and Social Care.  see (

Co-ordinators: Professor Julia Twigg (Kent), Dr Carol Wolkowitz (Warwick), Dr Rachel Cohen (Surrey) Dr Sarah Nettleton (York), and Dr Wendy Martin (Brunel).

Abstracts for papers and posters: max 250 words should be submitted by 27 June 2011 online at Acceptance confirmation by 12 July. Programme online from 22 July.

Registration:  £45 BSA members, £85 non-members, £35 postgraduates. Fee includes buffet lunch, refreshments and wine reception in the early evening. Online registration at For further information email

Join the Ageing, Body and Society Study Group: The group organises seminars, workshops conferences and other events. New members, including students, welcome. Information on how to join:


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Karl Marx



For Proposed International Sociological Association 2012 Panel:

Title: Marxism and IPE: New Critical Engagements


Accumulation through dispossession, new enclosures, rent becoming profit, general intellect, immaterial labor, multitudes and the common. All of these are Marxist concepts of some variety or another which although prevalent in geography, sociology, anthropology and cultural studies still have not made their way into International Political Economy, where Marxist perspectives remain marginal and somewhat parochial (limited to historical materialist and world-systems analyses).

This panel calls for papers interested in exploring issues of global capital and empire from fresh theoretical angles such as those offered by autonomist Marxists like Hardt & Negri, Christian Marazzi, Sandro Mezzadra, Franco Berardi (bifo), and Silvia Federici, normative Marxists like George Caffentzis, Massimo de Angelis, David Graeber, and Harry Cleaver and Marxist geographers like Saskia Sassen, David Harvey, and Jamie Peck.

We welcome both theoretical engagements with questions of accumulation and valorization in internation al politics as well as more specific studies of the politics of everyday life, e.g., financialization, labor, education, consumption, culture, identity and ecology.    

Please submit your papers titles and abstracts to the conveners, Wanda Vrasti and Nicholas Kiersey, by May 25th.

Note, please, that we intend to make this panel the basis of an edited book volume, should it be accepted. Thank you!

International Sociological Association:

Universities in Crisis (an ISA blog):


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Cold Hands & Quarter Moon, ‘Human Herbs’ at: (recording) and (live)

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The Dept. of Sociology and the CSSJ at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, will be hosting a conference on Social Justice and the University, April 29-April 30 at the Baker Center.

Details at:

The Conference will use the idea of social justice to explore the challenges universities face in meeting the economic, social, and global pressures of the 21st century. With faculty, student, staff, and community participants, the Conference is designed to begin an ongoing discussion of how social justice can inform the responsibilities of higher education. The participants come from a variety of academic disciplines, including Education, Modern Foreign Languages & Literature, Law, Philosophy, Sociology, and Social Work, in addition to various community workers. Conference topics include Foundations and Variations on Social Justice, Social Justice and Globalization, Teaching Social Justice, and University and Communities.

The keynote speakers are:

John Gaventa, Professor and Research Fellow at the Institute for Development Studies in England. He is a member of the Participation, Power and Social Change team and Director of the Development Research Centre on Citizenship, Participation and Accountability. He has written widely on issues of power, participatory development and governance, civil society and social change.

Frances Fox Piven, Distinguished Professor, CUNY Graduate Center. Dr. Piven is an expert in urban politics, voting rights, and the development of the welfare state. Dr. Piven is one of the foremost political sociologists in the country, having written influential work on protest, the welfare state, and voting. Dr. Piven is also a past-president of the American Sociological Association. She is cofounder of Human SERVE (Service Employees Registration and Voter Education), an organization that worked to increase voter registration among underrepresented and low-income populations.

Erik Olin Wright, Vilas Distinguished Professor of Sociology, University of Wisconsin-Madison. Dr. Wright is the President Elect of the American Sociological Association and series editor of the Real Utopias Project. The Real Utopias Project focuses on egalitarian change through the fundamental redesign of basic social and economic institutions.


‘I believe in the afterlife.

It starts tomorrow,

When I go to work’

Cold Hands & Quarter Moon, ‘Human Herbs’ at: (recording) and (live)

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Religion and Social Theory: Developing a New Agenda for the Sociology of Religion

Monday 11th – Wednesday 13th April 2011         

Woodbrooke Conference Centre, Birmingham


Keynote Speakers:

Professor Bryan Turner (City University of New York)

Professor Steve Bruce (University of Aberdeen)

An engagement with sociological theory holds great promise for the study of religion. The founders of sociological thought gave a great deal of attention to the questions of religion in modernity; after this golden age for the sociology of religion, mainstream sociology and sociological theorising seemed to lose interest in these questions. Of late, religion seems to be back on the agenda, although often such reflections are not well informed by the kinds of substantive expertise that sociologists of religion are able to offer. This presents sociologists of religion with real opportunities to engage in new ways with the core of the sociological enterprise. This conference will begin to develop a new agenda for sociology of religion and its engagement with social theory, both in its more abstract and concrete empirical forms. As such, the conference aims to promote an engagement with theory-which by no means suggests a wish to neglect empirical concerns.

SOCREL is the British Sociological Association’s study group on Religion.

To register and for further Conference details please visit:

For Conference booking enquiries please contact:  Telephone: (0191) 383 0839

For further details about the study group please visit

Please direct any enquiries to Andrew McKinnon ( or Marta Trzebiatowska (

‘I believe in the afterlife.

It starts tomorrow,

When I go to work’

Cold Hands & Quarter Moon, ‘Human Herbs’ at: (recording) and (live)

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Ben Linus


24 January 2011 – BSA Presidential Event: People Trafficking – British Library Conference Centre, London, UK


Following on from the success of the first Presidential event on Climate Change, the BSA President, Professor John Brewer, proudly announces the second of a series of Presidential events (free to BSA members). 

PEOPLE TRAFFICKING – This one day conference will examine international migration, immigration and people trafficking.

We are delighted that Robin Cohen, Director of the International Migration Institute at the University of Oxford,  will be taking the lead on this event and presenting International Migration: then and now.

The conference programme includes the following high-profile speakers who, being leaders in their field, are sure to be thought-provoking and invite lively debate:

A welcome to the conference from BSA President: Professor John Brewer.

Professor Robin Cohen, IMI, University of Oxford:  International Migration: then and now.

Dr Bridget Anderson, COMPAS, University of Oxford:  Ethics and Immigration Control.

Professor Karen O’Reilly, Loughborough University:  Lifestyle Migration – the British abroad.

Dr Vron Ware, The Open University:  Soldiers and Migrants – civil-military relations.

Dr Nicola Mai, London Metropolitan University:  Sexuality, Gender and International Migration.

Dr Danny Sriskandarajah, Director of the Royal Commonwealth Society:  Why we need a migration museum?


Cost:  FREE for BSA Members*; £25 for Non-Members*

*Places for this event are allocated on a first come, first served basis.  Lunch and refreshments are included.  BSA Members can attend this event free of charge (your 2011 subscription must be paid in advance of registration).  Non-Members of the BSA may also attend this event for a registration fee of £25.

Please direct any queries about this event to or call the BSA Events Team on 0191 383 0839.

For further information, please visit the BSA website:

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We look forward to welcoming you at our 43rd Annual Conference.

Wednesday 14th – Friday 16th September 2011 at the University of Chester

(Please note the date for the conference has changed from previously advertised)

In addition to two high profile plenary speakers, the 2011conference will celebrate our international links with a symposium.

Papers, posters and other forms of presentation will be structured around streams that include: 

1. Cancer                                                                               

2. Embodiment and Emotion                                                           

3. Ethics                                                                                 

4. Ethnicity                                                                             

5. Experiences of Health and Illness                                   

6. Gender                                                                              

7. Health policy, service delivery & organisation                

8. Health technologies and genetics                                   

9. Individual, collective and global risk                                

10. Inequalities                                                                       

11. Lay-professional interface                                                

12. Lifecourse: Reproductive Health; Chronic conditions; ageing; death and dying          

13. Mental Health

14. Methods

15. Patient and public involvement

16. Patient organisation and support groups

17. Preventive Health

18. Randomised controlled trials and evidenced-based medicine

19. Sleep

20. Theory

21. Open Stream

Further details and abstract submission form available from:  and

Administrative or general abstract enquires to or call 0191 383 0839

The abstract submission is now open. Submit your abstract on line now.

Both members and non-members can submit, BSA members will need to log in using their membership number and e-mail address.

If you would like to become a BSA member and benefit from reduced conference fees, please visit

Submission closes April 29th 2011.

Abstracts received after this date will not be considered.

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