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Reminder: Last weeks for Abstracts Submission!

5th World Conference on Psychology, Counselling and Guidance

May 01-03, 2014
Royal Princess Hotel Convention Center
Dubrovnik, Croatia

All accepted full papers will be published in Procedia-Social and Behavioral Sciences Journal (ISSN: 1877-0428), and indexed in ScienceDirect, Scopus and Thomson Reuters Web of Science.

Due Dated Abstract Submissions: 25 March 2014

Abstracts must be written in English, and can be sent as an email attach to





Prof. Dr. Dubravka Miljković, University of Zagreb

Prof. Dr. Tülay Bozkurt, Istanbul Kultur University

Prof. Dr. Paul Bennett, Professor of Clinical and Health Psychology, Department of Psychology, Swansea University, UK,

Prof. Dr. Kobus Maree, Professor of  Department of Educational Psychology at the University of Pretoria, South Africa,



WCPCG-2014 includes all theoretical and practical knowledge about Psychology, guidance and counselling:

Clinical Psychology

Developmental Psychology

Social Psychology

Experimental Psychology

Industrial and Organization Psychology

Traffic Psychology

Forensic Psychology

Psychometric Psychology

Sports Psychology

Health Psychology

Educational Psychology

Media Psychology

Neuroscience Psychology

Child and Adolescent Counselling

Adult and Elder Counselling

Family Counselling

School Counselling

Higher Education Counselling

Health Counselling

Crisis and Risk Counselling

Occupational Counselling

Industrial Counselling

Cyber Counselling

Psychology Education and Occupational Issues

Rehabilitation Counselling




· WCPCG-2014, Procedia Social and Behavioral Sciences Journal

· WCPCG-2013, Procedia Social and Behavioral Sciences Journal, Volume 114.

· WCPCG-2012, Procedia Social and Behavioral Sciences Journal, Volume 42.

· WCPCG-2011, Procedia Social and Behavioral Sciences Journal, Volume 30.

· WCPCG-2010, Procedia Social and Behavioral Sciences Journal, Volume 5.


Supporting Journals

Journal of Applied Psychology (Indexed in SSCI)

British Journal of  Psychology (Indexed in SSCI)

British Journal of Developmental Psychology (Indexed in SSCI)

British Journal of Health Psychology (Indexed in SSCI)

Legal and Criminological Psychology (Indexed in SSCI)

Journal of Behavioural Decision Making (Indexed in SSCI)

journal Behavioural Disorders (Indexed in SSCI)

Work & Stress Journal (Indexed in SSCI)

Australian Journal of Guidance and Counselling (Indexed in SSCI)

Asia Pacific Education Review, (Indexed in SSCI)

South African Journal of Psychology, (Indexed in SSCI)

Perspectives in Education (Indexed in SSCI)

Education and Science Journal (Indexed in SSCI)

Cypriot Journal of Educational Sciences

Journal of Counseling & Development

Contemporary Educational Researches Journal

Global Journal on Psychology Research

Global Journal of Sociology

Global Journal of Counseling and Guidance



· The abstracts can be one-page long (150-250 words).

· The abstract include Problem Statement, Purpose of Study, Methods, Findings and Results, and Conclusions and Recommendations.

· If your paper is not completed, it might be included only your study proposal.

· The abstracts must be included the authors’ names, surnames, affiliations, departments, email addresses and phone numbers.

· Abstracts can be submitted through   or attached to





Please click the link for the full paper template


· You can participate to the conference with paper or poster presentation, pannel and workshop.

· Participants who cannot particiate physically should prefer virtual presentation. These participants must uploaded skype on their computers. For more info:


Abstract Submissions: 25 March 2014 (Last Extended)

Full Paper Submissions: April 10, 2014

Early Registration: April 01, 2014

Conference Dates: May 01-03, 2014

Camera-ready for Publication: May 15, 2014


The conference venue is Royal PrincessHotelConferenceCenter

Special room rates for WCPCG-2014 participants at Neptun Hotel and Ariston Hotel.


For more information:

For more info:   





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28 November -01 December 2012

Queen Elizabeth Elite Suite Hotel & Spa, Antalya, Turkey

You are invited to submit your proposals for the World Conference on Psychology and Sociology that will take place at the Queen Elizabeth Elite Suite Hotel & Spa in Antalya, Turkey from 28 November to 1 December 2012.

There have been special arrangements with the Queen Elizabeth Elite Suites Hotel for conference delegates. Why not combine a holiday with your family while you attend the conference? Prices for “all inclusive” food and accommodation start from 35 € (all meals, soft and alcoholic beverages will be free and unlimited), with children being free.

I look forward to seeing you in the historical and holiday city of Antalya in Turkey. 

Kind regards

Professor Dr. Kobus Maree,  President of the Conference

Abstract submissions due: June 30, 2012.

Start here to submit abstracts to this conference: Step one of the submIssIon process

For more information please visit the conference official web site:


Manchester Metropolitan University

Pretoria University

John Hopkins University

Hacettepe University

Bahcesehir University

Gazi University

Turkish Informatics Association

Elsevier Publication LTD.



All accepted papers of the conference will be published in Procedia-Social and Behavioral Journal (ISSN: 1877-0428) by ELSEVIER and will be indexed ScienceDirect, Scopus, and Thomson Reuters Conference Proceedings Citation Index (ISI Web of Science).

All proposals will be subjected to peer-reviews. Selected papers from the conference will be considered for extended version publication in the supporting journals. 

All submissions are subject to a peer-review process.

Full and Short Papers

Reflection Papers







Virtual Presentation

Product/Services Presentations


Topics for Sociology Proposals Submission

Child, Youth and Old Age 

Communication and Art

Culture and Changes

Deviance and Social Control

Economy and Development


Ethnic Relations, Human Rights and the Collective Good     

Gender and Human Rights

Identity, Image and Social Cohesion

Localization and Globalization

Organizations, Professions and Work

Political Sociology and Law Issues

Social Security and Public Health

Sociology of Population and Migration

Sociology of Religion, Collective Behavior and Social Movements

Theoretical, Comparative and Historical Studies

Topics for Psychology Proposals Submission

Animal Behaviors

Attention and Perception

Clinical Psychology

Cognitive Psychology and Neuroscience

Community Psychology 

Cultural Psychology

Development Psychology

Disaster, Crisis and Trauma Psychology 

Educational Psychology

Emotion and Motivation 

Environmental Psychology 

Health Psychology

History of Psychology

Industrial / Organizational Psychology 

Language,Readingand Communication

Learning and Memory

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender Concerns

Life Span Psychology

Peace and Conflict, Human Rights and Psychology 

Personality and Individual Differences  

Professional Issues within Psychology

Psychology and Law 

Qualitative Research Methods and Interpretations

Quantitative Research Methods and Statistics

Risk and Safety Psychology, Incl. Traffic Psychology

Sensory and Motor Processes

Social and Political Issues in Psychology

Social Psychology

Sports Psychology 

Tests and Testing 

Theory of Psychology

Thinking, Problem Solving and Decision Making


We were special agreement with the Hotel for the conference participants only. The all-inclusive room rate (per person); triple 35 Euro, Double 35 Euro and single 48 Euro. For more information please visit the conference official web site: if you make hotel reservation, historical places tour is free for you in 01 December 2011 (Perge, Aspendos & Side). For more information:

Deadlines & Important Dates:

Abstract Submissions*: June 30, 2012

Full Paper Submissions: September 30, 2012

Early Hotel Reservation: October 15, 2012

Early Registration: October 15, 2012

Last Hotel Reservation: April 25, 2012

Conference Dates:November 28 – December 01, 2012

Camera-ready for Elsevier: December 15, 2012

* After the submission date, the authors of abstracts will be notified in four (4) day.


The abstracts can be one-page long (200-300 words). The abstract include Problem Statement, Purpose of Study, Methods, Findings and Results, and Conclusions and Recommendations (These elements may need some adaptation in the case of discussion papers: Background, Purpose of Study, Sources of Evidence, Main Argument, and Conclusions). Please note that some elements are optional in abstracts.

Start here to submit abstracts to this conference: Step one of the submIssIon process


Researchers who are unable to resolve the funding issue concerning the conference expenses will be provided with an alternative approach for participation, namely, Virtual Online Presentation. Those who would like to make their presentations online from their home countries will also be awarded with a certificate and their papers will be considered for publications similar to other participants as if they were present physically. Those who would like to make use of the Virtual Online Presentation facility will be requested to send their virtual posters or other soft copy materials such as power point presentations to the secretariat. In addition, these participants who would prefer to make use of the Virtual Online Presentation facility may also contribute to the conference through video conferencing.


The winter is mild and rainy inAntalya. Nearly 300 days of the year is sunny and one can swim from April to November. InAntalyain day time, the average weather at the end of the November is high 24°C and low 16°C.


The direct and regular flights are available to Antalyafrom most of the countries of the world in April. You can find concerned flight companies’ names from the web-site of Antalya International Airport (AYT). . Some countries citizens will need a visa for Turkey which can be easily obtained directly from the immigration office in Istanbul Airport. Please visit Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs guide for visa information  

We will provide you FREE transfer services from the Antalya Airport– Hotel – Antalya Airport transfer.

PERGE, ASPENDOS & SIDE TOUR (December 01, 2012)


Perge was one of the important cities in antiquity. The founding of the city varies depending on the sources. The inscriptions found in the Hellenistic gate refer to Calchas and Mopsus (from the Trojan Wars) and M. Plancius Varus and C. Plancius Varus, father and brother of Plancia Magna, from the 2nd century AD as well. Hittite records mention the name along with the river Cestros as Parha, which means that the city was already large and must have been founded before. It has benefited from the navigable Cestros (modern Aksu) river even though it is some 12 km inland. Perge has two famous women benefactors. Plancia Magna of the 2nd century AD and Prof. Jale Inan. The previous one helped building the city and the latter one uncovered it for us to see it. The theater is the first building that meets us. Unfortunately it is under restoration. The stadium which is one of the best preserved inTurkey, is next. After the Roman gate we are in the grandeur 2nd century Roman city of Perge with its monumental nymphaeums, the Roman bath, and the Hellenistic gate (renovated in the Roman times as an honorary hall with the statues of the founders of the city). After the Hellenistic gate, you may walk the splendid colonnaded Cardo of Perge with artificial waterfalls all along the street to the foot of the acropolis. The Agora can be visited on the way back.


The city was originally built on the, then navigable river Eurymedon, on the mountain where the acropolis is today. The oldest name of the city we know; Asiawanda (the land of the horses) in the old local Anatolian languages is now very famous for its most intact 2nd C AD Roman Theater and the aqueducts which are a rare feat of engineering. The Theater was built by Zenon one of the most famous architects of the time in the 2nd century AD. It is known as the best preserved Roman Theater with very good acoustics with a capacity of 15,000 spectators. It is known to hold 20 000 people nowadays when there are concerts by nationally and internationally famous orchestras of classical music and singers. There are concerts, plays and other entertainments through out the tourist season. It was used as a church during the Byzantine times and as a palace during the Seljuk’s reign. Other than the lack of decorative statues, etc. of the stage building, it is in perfect condition. The water was brought to the city from the mountains through tunnels and over the aqueducts. The aqueducts that bring water to Aspendos are a great feat of engineering, very rare of its kind. The aqueducts cross a marsh of almost one kilometer by piping made of stone fittings on lower aqueducts. The towers of 30m height are used to change the direction of the piping and also for the siphoning system.


She has existed at least since 1400 BC and has still kept her original name Side, which means pomegranate in the old Anatolian Sidetan language. This is provided by the coins from the 6thCBCand three records from 3rdCBC. This language has not been deciphered yet two of the only three records found are bilingual. This language was in use until after the invasion of Alexander the Great around 333 BC, when ‘koione’ the common dialect of Greek was used. Side is unique in many ways. It still offers the small sweet Anatolian fisherman town atmosphere despite the flood of tourism. The long, fine, sandy beaches are also worth mentioning. The city was built on a flat peninsula instead of a mountain acropolis, for defense, like Perge, Sillyum and Aspendos. Instead the peninsula is walled on both the land and the sea all around. The first buildings that meets you are the aqueducts, bringing water from 32km from the mountains. The monumental nymphaeum is the next. The colonnaded main street with shops and houses on both sides take you to the inner city. The Roman bath which is restored as a museum is on the right near the monumental Roman gate.The theater, the largest in Pamphylia, is built on flat land instead of resting on a slope. It rests on a multi-story sloped arches, 17m high, and is a true wonder of Roman engineering. The stage building is higher, 21m. The adjacent buildings of the extensive agora and thetempleofTykeand fine public toilets within are closed to visitors for the time being. The Temple of Apollo and Athena have some columns that and have been restored on the beach near the harbour are the symbol of Side. The Byzantian Basilicas, the Temple of Man and the Bibliotect are a few of the other buildings.


Start here to submit abstracts to this conference
Step one of the submIssIon process

For more information please visit the conference official web site:   


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Morelia Cathedral


*Morelia, Mexico, 9-12 August 2012*
*Conference website*:
*Abstract submission deadline: 15 March, 2012*
*Key-speakers and special participants include: Guillermo Delahanty, Anup Dhar, Fernando González-Rey, Raquel Guzzo, Grahame Hayes**, **Lois Holzman**, **Gordana Jovanovic, Lynne Layton, Athanasios Marvakis, Raúl Páramo-Ortega, Hans Skott Myhre, Ian Parker, and Lawrence Wilde.***

Invitation to the Second Marxism and Psychology Conference

On behalf of the organising committee, it is our pleasure to invite you to the *Second Marxism & Psychology Conference*, which will be held from 9 to 12 August 2012, at the Universidad Michoacana de San Nicolás de Hidalgo, located in Morelia, Michoacán, Western Mexico. Like the first conference in Prince Edward Island, Canada, this second conference aims at bringing activists, students and scholars together to discuss exciting issues at the intersection of Marxism and Psychology.

As contemporary psychology goes through these times of crisis, revolts and protests around the world, we need to reflect again on the significance of Marxism for psychological scholarship and practice. We know that different fields of psychology have already been permeated, questioned, challenged and concerned by Marxist theory and practice during the last century. Currently several scholars and activists recognize the potential for Marxism to transform psychology. A number of them acknowledge the increasing role of Marxist theory and practice in their scientific pursuits and political activities. And many scholars make research on the historical and current positions in the intersection of Marxism with psychology. At present, however, there still are relatively few opportunities for all
these people to exchange their findings and their views on this essential topic.

We believe that this *Second Marxism & Psychology Conference* will be a unique intellectual forum to encounter different and often competing views on Marxism from the different fields of psychology and other disciplines, as well as an excellent opportunity for scholars and activists to meet again and introduce a new generation of psychologists to the Marxist perspective

Conference topic areas include: Marxist Psychology, Marxism and Educational Psychology, Marxism and Clinical Psychology, Marxism and Social Psychology, Marxism and Critical Psychology, Marxism and Psychoanalysis; Marxism, Humanism and Humanistic Psychology; Marxism, Feminism and Psychology; Marxism, Liberation Psychology and Community Psychology; Activity Theory and Cultural Historical Psychology.

The site of the conference, the city of *Morelia*, was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site for its well preserved colonial buildings and layout of the historic center. The Mexican Federal Government lists 1,113 old buildings having historical value, including the impressive cathedral, 4 important monasteries, 3 convents, 4 old colleges, many large churches and palaces, and some buildings of the Universidad Michoacana de San Nicolás de Hidalgo, the oldest institution of higher education in the New World, founded in 1540 by Vasco de Quiroga. Also in Morelia is the first music conservatory in the Americas, the Conservatorio de las Rosas, established in 1734.

For further information, visit the website of the conference:

If you have any question, don’t hesitate to contact us to:

David Pavón Cuéllar and Jorge Mario Flores Osorio




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