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Social Alternatives

Social Alternatives


Dear Colleagues

Social Alternatives is seeking proposals from Guest Editors for Thematic Issues

Social Alternatives:

Social Alternatives is an independent, quarterly refereed journal which aims to promote and inform public debate, commentary and dialogue about contemporary social, political, economic and environmental issues.

Social Alternatives analyses, critiques and reviews contemporary social issues and problems. The journal seeks to generate insight, knowledge, and understanding of contemporary circumstances in order to determine local, national, and global implications. We are committed to the principles of social justice and to creating spaces of dialogue intended to stimulate social alternatives to current conditions.

Social Alternatives values the capacity of intellectual and artistic endeavour to prompt imaginative solutions and alternatives and publishes refereed articles, review essays, commentaries and book reviews as well as short stories, poems, images and cartoons.

The journal has grappled with matters of contemporary concern for three decades, publishing articles and themed issues on topics such as: peace and conflict, racism, Indigenous rights, social justice, human rights, inequality and the environment.

If you are interested please send expressions of interest to: or



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