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The conference will be held during the Guy Debord exhibition at the Bibliothèque nationale de France (BnF) in Spring 2013.


In 2009, the archives of Guy Debord became a “national treasure”; a year later, they entered the collections of BnF’s manuscripts department. This has given researchers access to the sources of Guy Debord’s work as well as to many other documents from the Situationist movement. These extensive archives confirm a now well-established story, but they also give us new insights into texts, events, relationships, and gather numerous contextual elements from the period. They’re precious for what they reveal about Guy Debord’s intentions and circumstances. They show Guy Debord to be the author, protagonist and key witness of a story that he so often masterminded.

This conference invites researchers to take full advantage of the archives. We are encouraging researchers to use the new evidence to question every assumption and interpretation. Papers based on other sources than the Guy Debord Archives are also welcome.


This two-day conference will explore the four issues below. The questions and sources mentioned here are mere propositions. Participants are free to propose others, in accordance with the four main issues of the conference.

The author
This first part of the conference will examine the material and the making of Guy Debord’s writings. It will mostly present archive-based research that explores the author’s reading practices, his personal library or his intellectual education, as well as the genesis of his writing, the sources and workings of détournement, the author’s stylistic and rhetoric armoury, the wide range of literary genres he practiced, or the various strategies he invented to write the self and the world.

Available sources in the archive: various states of the texts, preliminary documents for the cinema, reading notes, library (as in 1994)

The material of the action
In this second part of the conference, we will further consider the means and ends of Guy Debord’s revolutionary project: how did Guy Debord practically promote the Situationist theory and praxis, supersede the arts, realize philosophy, fight against the spectacle, and occupy his positions within various fields (arts, Marxism, radical politics, etc.)? The main focus will be the action as considered through its documentation. We would like to study the material conditions of Guy Debord’s revolution of everyday life, his strategies to articulate theory and practice, along with the means and various consequences of their diffusion.

Available sources in the archive: Press gathered by Guy Debord all along his life, documentation on the International Situationist’s publications and organisation, documents on the publishing activities, correspondence.

Guy Debord and the others
The Situationist adventure was a collective one. This third part of the conference will examine Debord’s relations with his friends, enemies, or partners in revolution. The role of specific individuals or groups in Guy Debord’s life and projects shall here be developed – for instance: Joseph G. Wolman, Pinot Gallizio, Asger Jorn, Henri Lefebvre, Alexander Trocchi, Socialisme ou Barbarie, Jacqueline de Jong, SPUR, the Nashists of the Second S.I., Raoul Vaneigem, I.C.O., anarchists in France and abroad, Gérard Lebovici, Jean-Jacques Pauvert, etc.

Available sources in the archive: correspondence, received documentation, other archives.

Guy Debord and Us
The Situationist posterities and Guy Debord’s heritage are vast and perilous issues. We would like them to be addressed with the use of archival sources, field work, or interviews. The idea of this fourth part of the conference will be to determine how the Situationist and Debordian heritage has been travelling, passed on, recuperated or “détourné”, in many different fields, including of course the arts, literature, political theory or activism, etc. The current accuracy of Guy Debord’s thought shall also be examined, as well as the different aspects of its possible or impossible posterity in the contemporary world.

Available sources in the archive: Press gathered by Guy Debord, received documentation, correspondence, other archives, interview, field work.

Format: 20 minutes

Deadline for submissions: May, 15th 2012

All researchers, from every discipline or institution (as well as independent researchers) can submit a paper to this conference. Proposals shouldn’t exceed 500 words, and should be sent, along with a short presentation (or c.v.) to the following email addresses: and by May 15th, 2012.

These addresses should also be used for further questions on the archives or the conference.
The online inventory (in process) is available through the BnF manuscripts online catalogue at the following address:

Host institution :
Bibliothèque nationale de France

Organisation :
Laurence Le Bras and Emmanuel Guy
Curators of the Guy Debord exhibition
Bibliothèque nationale de France
Département des Manuscrits
5 rue Vivienne, 75002 Paris, France


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