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Date – 9 July 2013: 12.30-16.00 (lunch included)

Venue – SRHE, 73 Collier Street, LondonN1 9BE


Professor Penny Jane Burke, University of Sussex
Professor Gill Crozier, University of Roehampton

Developing inclusive teaching and learning practices in higher education is a key component of widening participation (WP) strategy. Pedagogies in higher education have the potential to contribute to creating inclusive spaces where all students can develop a sense of belonging and fitting in. This is strongly emphasised in the recent HEFCE/OFFA interim report, and is anticipated to form a central dimension of the national strategy for widening participation.

This timely seminar will launch Teaching Inclusively: Changing Pedagogical Spaces, a new continuing professional development resource pack that draws on the key findings of the Higher Education Academy funded project: ‘Formations of Gender and Higher Education Pedagogies (GaP)’. It is designed for lecturers, academic developers, WP directors and managers and policy makers to critically reflect on the complex processes in which inequalities might unwittingly be reproduced through HE pedagogies.  It offers a range of ‘think pieces’ as conceptual tools to help address complex issues of difference, diversity and inequalities and to consider the ways that teaching and learning practices are intimately connected with identity formations and the subtle processes of exclusion and misrecognition within different pedagogical spaces.

The seminar will provide an overview of the key findings of GaP to illuminate the important relationship between widening participation and HE pedagogies. It will introduce Teaching Inclusively and the ways it has been specifically designed to support HE lecturers in contributing to WP through developing inclusive teaching practices.

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