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The Island






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FORUM: for promoting 3-19 comprehensive education
Volume 52 Number 3 2010     ISSN 0963-8253

Clyde Chitty. Editorial. Lies, Exaggerations and Half-truths

Susanne Wiborg. Learning Lessons from the Swedish Model

Melissa Benn. A Comprehensive Response to the Coalition: how should we approach current government policies on education?

Stewart Ranson. From Partnership to Community Governance

John White. The Coalition and the Curriculum

Martin Allen. Education’s ‘Credibility Crunch’: the upper secondary years

Roz Stevens. Ever Reducing Democracy? A Comparative View of the Legislative Events Surrounding the Introduction of New-style Academies in 2010 and Grant-maintained Schools in 1988

Colin Richards. What Has Been, What Is and What Might Be: the relevance of the critical writings of Edmond Holmes to contemporary primary education policy and practice

Paul Dash. Theorising African Caribbean Absences in Multicultural Art Education

Alison Peacock. The Cambridge Primary Review: a voice for the future

Jane Turner. Primary Science: are there any good reasons to be cheerful?

Carl Parsons. Achieving Zero Permanent Exclusions from School, Social Justice and Economy


The Pendulum Swings: transforming school reform (Bernard Barker), reviewed by Clyde Chitty
Susan Isaacs: a life freeing the minds of children (Philip Graham), reviewed by Mary Jane Drummond
The Staff Room (Marcus Orths), reviewed by Patrick Yarker

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Schools in Crisis


International Socialist Review

ISSUE 71: May-June 2010

The education shock doctrine

Letter from the editors


Lance Selfa 
The right on the defensive 
The passage of health care reform gives the Democrats new legs

PLUS: Helen Redmond on the health care bill—prescribing aspirin for cancer; Joel Geier on contradictions in the economic recovery


Phil Gasper • Critical thinking 
The imperial war in Afghanistan


Gillian Russom 
Obama’s neoliberal agenda for education 

Gillian Russom 
The case against charter schools 

Adam Sanchez 
Disaster schooling: How the “shock doctrine” is playing out in New Orleans, Chicago, and Detroit 

Arundhati Roy 
Bhumkal: Walking with the Comrades 
The author of The God of Small Things travels with India’s rural rebels


Danny Lucia 
Bringing misery out of hiding: The unemployed movement of the 1930s


Tom Twiss and Paul Le Blanc 
Revolutionary betrayed: Trotsky and his biographer 
Robert Service’s widely-acclaimed work is full of inflated assertions and shocking inaccuracies


Jeff Bale 
Defector from the school reform consensus 

Review of Diane Ravitch: The Death and Life of the Great American School System

PLUS: Sherry Wolf on the fight for civil rights up North; Petrino DiLeo on the next debt bubble; Martin Smith on Race and radicalism in the Civil War; Dennis Kosuth on the 1989 revolutions in the Eastern Bloc; Lee Wengraf on women in the American gulag; Matt Swagler on the myth of “heterosexual Africa”; Ragina Johnson on same-sex marriage in practice

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