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Heathwood Institute & Press

Heathwood Institute & Press


Dear All

We’ve recently launched a new fundraising campaign on Indiegogo and are calling on everyone’s support to help us reach our goal. A breakdown of our funding campaign can be read below. If you could forward this e-mail onto friends and colleagues, it would be greatly appreciated. (For more information about our funding drive, please visit our campaign page:

Robert C. Smith
Director and Researcher
Heathwood Institute and Press

Phone: +44 (0) 07919252541
Address: Barn Cottage, 7 Hempstead Road,
Holt, Norfolk, United Kingdom, NR25 6DL


Short Summary

Heathwood Institute and Press is a non-profit, critical theoretical organisation that was formed by a collective of academic researchers across a wide range of disciplines.

Motivated and inspired by Frankfurt School critical theory, our aim is to investigate the root causes of social, economic and environmental inequality by offering foundational, multidimensional and holistic social critique as well as developing concrete, critical alternatives to the type of social policy symptomatic of today’s highly unjust societies.

We delve into history, anthropology, psychology and sociology, and ask fundamental questions about the way we as humans have historically related to ourselves, the world and each other. We look at how we humans respond to our experiences (emotionally, psychologically, and in our actions) and why we organise our institutions, societies and belief systems in the ways that we do. We ask hard questions about our theories of religion, knowledge and education, and about how we build and perpetuate ideologies and economic systems. In essence, we seek to understand how, why and when we relate to ourselves, the world and each other in destructive ways, and ultimately to develop new, healthier ways of relating and acting in the world.

To do this we bring together academics from a range of disciplines; economists, sociologists, anthropologists, educationalists, philosophers, theologians …

One of our aims is to take what we perceive to be of value from the traditions of the Frankfurt School, and to retrieve, redevelop, rework and advance it to be relevant and useful in 21st Century society. In building on and extending the traditions of Frankfurt School critical theory, we strive to not only challenge existing fields of research and policy, but also to fundamentally challenge from a foundational and multidisciplinary perspective the existing social model as a whole, with a mind towards promoting systemic change.

Through our research we are working to develop an understanding of the meaning of healthy social progress in the 21st Century from a holistic, integrated and methodologically unique perspective. We aim to achieve this through the advancement of critical theoretical thought by calling for new standpoints of critique and ultimately grounding our calls for new norms of critique according to a foundational, multidimensional critical theory of society.

In the interests of social progress we are geared toward excellence in scholarship and distinguished merit in terms of providing ground breaking research in the Humanities, Social Sciences, Economics, Psychology and Education, with the ultimate goal of communicating the findings of our research in an engaging, practical manner that is both applicable to policy makers and accessible to the general public.

Originally founded in December 2011 by a group of well-respected researchers, academics and activists, we are now actively bringing together and supporting individuals who are leaders in their area and whose research possesses the potential to break new grounds in addressing the problems that we face in today’s world.

For more information, please see the ‘About us’ section of our website, where you can find our full mission statement, statement of need, programme description, a comprehensive breakdown of our progressive, eco-friendly (print) publishing model, and even our (digital) democratic publishing initiative:

Mission Statement

The mission of Heathwood Institute and Press is to address the root causes of social, economic and environmental inequality, and to also develop healthy and sustainable alternative ways of being. In the process we are also committed to the promotion of an informed and engaged citizenry; to promote a foundational awareness and understanding of social, cultural, economic and political processes; as well as to fight economic and social injustice, and to protect the diversity of nature and society and the natural systems upon which all life depends.

By investigating more generally the idea of ‘damaged society’ our goal is to produce highly respectable, critical works, whose seminal theses offer more broad foundations for concrete, critical alternatives which affirm the notion of systemic change and the need for fundamental public policy shifts. We seek to further this mission by advancing Frankfurt School critical theory in the 21st Century.

In principle, our mission is three-fold:
1) To understand the fundamental human issues that prevent individual and collective harmony and well-being, and that impede social progress as well as the healthy development of Western civilization;
2) To identify catalysts for change on a fundamental level across the different spheres of society;
3) To engage with researchers, policy makers and most importantly the general public in effort to promote critical dialogue as well as active leadership and participation in the manifestation of social change

We’re an independent, autonomous research organisation in the truest sense

Heathwood is a non-profit organisation that works hard to maintain independent status as well as a respectable distance from corporate and market forces.

In order to maintain our critical stance, we choose to adopt a wholly autonomous economic and political position in the face of society’s present socioeconomic-political circumstance. For these reasons we do not have shareholders or trustees. Nor do we have ties with multinational corporations or to the more general distortions of the global market.

In the same sentiment, Heathwood does not under any circumstance accept conditional funding. In this respect we are proud and, indeed, humbled to be one of the few remaining independent academic groups left.

But as a wholly independent organisation it is not always easy to financially sustain the type of autonomous practice we believe in, especially as predominant economic policy continues to strangle the independent and public spheres of our society.

Therefore if you would like to support Heathwood, its growing list of authors and researchers, and the development of new works, any amount of financial support will go a long way toward sustaining the daily practice of our organisation.

What We Need: A breakdown of funding requirements

Every donation, big or small, is highly valued and goes a long way in supporting both new research and the publication of new works as well as contributing toward the daily operating costs of the organisation.

Our funding campaign can be broken down as follows:
Our goal is to raise £40,000 for the following academic year, which will support the organisation’s operational costs until more sustainable funding sources can be identified. It will also contribute significantly to future publication costs, website maintenance, the salary of its director Robert C. Smith, and the part-time employment of two academic research associates.
In addition, this money will not only help support the organisation’s key project, which centers around investigating the roots of social, economic and environmental inequality. It will also enable the organisation to continue to its (free) online publication programme, which supports the democratic rights of citizens to have free access to information without any sort of monetary barriers or discriminations.

The funds you donate will also assist us in expanding our roster of international academics and researchers from all disciplines. This is crucial because the more researchers we’re able to support from across all academic disciplines, the greater our multidisciplinary voice and the better our ability to ultimately break new grounds in understanding the fundamental problems of contemporary society.

A large portion of our total funding goal will also go toward costs for much needed editorial support and the translation of new works from German to English. It will also assist us in the continuing development of the organisation’s Frankfurt School (digital) archives, which has become a valuable resource for students, academics, researchers, and engaged citizens.
If the organisation does not reach its total goal in obtaining £40,000, the money that is donated will still be put toward the needs stated above.

The Impact

Your contribution will make a significant impact in terms of supporting Heathwood’s project when it comes to understanding the meaning of ‘social progress’ in 21st Century society. It will support further research developments in the areas of foundational social critique as well as the generation of new works that deal with concrete, critical alternatives in the areas of economics, philosophy, psychology, anthropology and education. 

Already our organisation has gained extremely positive feedback from academic circles all over the world. With a large and continuously growing readership ranging from academics to ‘everyday citizens’, your financial support will have a direct impact on the future of our collective project and will allow us to continue to establish an open, alternative democratic dialogue with readers, researchers and policy makers.

Other Ways You Can Help

If you cannot contribute financially, there are still other ways you can support Heathwood and its members:

Help us speread the word via social media

Contribute to discussions on our website – share your thoughts on important social matters.

Robert C. Smith
Director and Researcher at Heathwood Institute and Press
Phone: +44 (0) 07919252541
Address: Barn Cottage, 7 Hempstead Road,
Holt, Norfolk, United Kingdom, NR25 6DL




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Critical Pedagogy and the Constitution of Capitalist Society, by Glenn Rikowski is at Heathwood Press and can be viewed at:


Heathwood Press

Heathwood Press


Hello everyone,

We have just launched our new website and are sending out several batches of newsletters to update our readers, friends, and colleagues about what has been going on over the last three months and what to expect from the organisation moving forward.

Launch of New Beta Site

– Our ambition as a group has always been to break down the barriers separating critical theoretical discourse and ‘the everyday practise of social and individual life’. In attempting to achieve this we have engaged with readers and have been working with several leading theories of alternative media and web application, to develop new ways in which a range of media projects can assist the organisation to bridge the theory-practise divide.

– One of the new features on our website includes the organisation’s Global Voice project, which acts as centralised hub or platform for the publication of non-profit research and reports.

The non-profit sector of society is notorious for its ability to encourage ethical and critical practise across many different social spheres. Drawing close links to some of the leading non-profit organisations, locally and globally, Heathwood can directly assist and support the ongoing research and practise of NPO’s in a number of fundamental ways: 1) to pull-in non-profit media, report, commentary and critique from around the world and disseminate that information in one centralised place; 2) to normatively engage with independent non-profits so as to support their efforts on a grassroots level with a highly engaged critical theory; 3) to listen to NPO’s across the globe and the struggles and conflicts they report in order to further our own understanding about social agency and structure;  and 4) to integrate non-profit research and data, which is heavily rooted in praxis, with Heathwood’s post-Frankfurt school critical theory.

– Another exciting feature that we’ve been working on for some time consists around the democratisation of media and how to make Heathwood’s site more representative of a truly social, participatory media centre.

To achieve this we have launched a new on-site comments system that allows for real-time discussion between members of the public as well as between readers/public and members of Heathwood. The aim of this new feature is to encourage over time the development of a fertile digital ground for discussion and the sharing of ideas.

Heathwood Network

We have also recently launched a new public forum called the Heathwood Network, which will further support and encourage direct discussion and engagement on a range of subjects. The forum can be accessed via the menu on our new site.

– We’ve also been developing a series of critical theory eGuides, ranging in subject from alternative education and epistemology to alternative economics and ideology critique. No launch date has been set for this programme.

-Lastly, we have been working on publishing a range of infographics, interactive media, videos and datablogs to further support our present research activity and public engagement campaigns.

New Members

We’ve welcomed a new member in past few months, Robert King, whose work in systems will be a great addition to the organisation.

We’ve also had the opportunity to work with some great people from around Europe and North America, including Glenn Rikowski, Chris Cutrone, Richard Wolff, Peter Thompson, Daniel Little, Geert Dhondt, Jeanne Willette, and others.

Moving Forward

There’s a lot planned for the upcoming year, including several new book publications and further expansion to our digital media projects.

If anyone has any questions or would like to discuss more about Heathwood and where it is headed, please feel free to contact Robert C. Smith at

Alternatively, follow the organisation on twitter for daily publication updates.


-The members of Heathwood

P.S. Feel free to forward this information to friends, colleagues or whomever you may think appropriate.

Robert C. Smith
Director and Researcher at Heathwood Institute and Press
Phone: +44 (0) 07919252541
Holt, Norfolk, United Kingdom


‘Cheerful Sin’ – a song by Victor Rikowski:

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