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Volumizer Resurrection Seven



The Volumizer was Glenn Rikowski’s AOL blog. It was started up on 29th September 2005. On 30th September 2008, AOL announced that all of its Hometown products, including its blogs and newsletters, would be closed down on 31st October 2008. Glenn’s articles, many of which were written for his students at the Volumizer, will be preserved at The Flow of Ideas. Work has begun on this project, and the latest articles to be included are now available, as listed below:







Rikowski, G. (2007) Multiculturalism and Faith Schools, 2nd December, London, online at:



Rikowski, G. (2007) Marketisation of the Schools System in England, 25th November, London, online at:



Rikowski, G. (2007) New Labour’s Policy for Schools: Success, Hype or Just Ploughing on Regardless? 16th November, London, online at:



Rikowski, G. (2007) Planet of the Capitorg, 7th January, London, online at:







Rikowski, G. (2006) Playground Risks and Handcuffed Kids: We Need Safer Schools? 10th November, London, online at:



Rikowski, G. (2006) Compulsory Consumption: Uni-Nanny, Truancy and Retention in Higher Education, 22nd October, London, online at:




The Rikowski web site, The Flow of Ideas is at:

Glenn Rikowski’s MySpace Profile is at: