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Precarious Education

Precarious Education


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FORUM: for promoting 3-19 comprehensive education
Volume 55 Number 3, 2013, ISSN 0963-8253



Clyde Chitty. Editorial OPEN ACCESS

Clyde Chitty. Secondary School Examinations: a historical perspective

Martin Allen. ‘Raising Standards’ or Reducing Aspirations and Opportunities Still Further? Michael Gove and Examination Reforms

Tony Cooper. You May Start Writing Now

Patrick Yarker. Gove’s War

Bernard Barker. The Enigmatic Mr Gove

Derek Gillard. Turning in Their Graves? A Tale of Two Coalitions – and What Happened in Between

David Kitchener. What Price Free Schools? The Continued Insidious Privatisation of UK State Education.

Howard Stevenson. Teachers on Strike: a struggle for the future of teaching?

Jess Edwards. Fighting Gove’s Nightmare Vision for Primary Education: A Charter for Primary Education

John Wadsworth. Like an ‘Uncontrolled Toddler’ Elizabeth Truss Risks Causing Chaos in England’s Nursery Education and Child Care Sector

Clare Kelly & Maggie Pitfield. School Direct: a hastily constructed model or a systematically designed campaign?

Michael Fielding. Still ‘Learning to Be Human’: the radical educational legacy of John MacMurray

Gary McCulloch. The Cause of Nowadays and the End of History? School History and the Centenary of the First World War

Philip Huckin. Memories of The CherwellSchool

Tom Buzzard. I Do Not Believe in ‘Intelligence’ or ‘Ability’ or ‘Aptitude’- and Neither Should You

Fiona Carnie. Developing Relationships between Parents and Schools

John Black. ‘Varmits and Turnips’: personal experiences of a secondary modern education, 1958-1962

An Aims-based Curriculum: the significance of human flourishing for schools (Michael J. Reiss & John White), reviewed by Mary Jane Drummond
New Labour and Secondary Education, 1994-2010 (Clyde Chitty), reviewed by Derek Gillard
New Labour and Secondary Education, 1994-2010 (Clyde Chitty), reviewed by Roy Lowe
Modernity Britain: opening the box, 1957-1959 (David Kynaston), reviewed by Clyde Chitty

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Michael Gove

Michael Gove


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Education Crisis


Dear Friends

You can register now for the Rouge Forum Conference in Chicagoland, May 20-22, with keynoters Peter McLaren, Dennis Carlson, and Substance News’ George Schmidt at:

The Rouge Forum Dispatch with news of the Schools Not Banks demonstrations in Oakland and that too rare context which links schools and society is here:

Good luck to our side,
Rich Gibson

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A new paper by Ravi Kumar at ‘Radical Notes’

Read: Neoliberalism, Education and the Politics of Capital: Searching Possibilities of Resistance at (this is a modified and expanded version of the paper that appeared in the recent issue of Social Scientist)

Ravi Kumar, Ph.D. || Assistant Professor || Department of Sociology || Jamia Millia Islamia University || Maulana Mohammad Ali Jauhar Marg, Jamia Nagar, New Delhi – 110025
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Recent Book (2010): Ghetto and Within: Class, Identity, State and Politics of Mobilisation (Aakar Books)
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Ravi Kumar


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Education Crisis


Over 50,000 students and lecturers marched this Wednesday, making it the biggest education protest since 1985. In the context of the miners’ strike, the student revolt forced Margaret Thatcher to back down from her plans to introduce tuition fees. Now, the issue of tuition fees threatens to turn into Cameron and Clegg’s poll tax.

A very large number of students broke away from the official route of the demonstration to march on the Tory HQ in 30 Millbank. Dozens of protestors got inside the building and onto the roof while a crowd of thousands laid siege outside for several hours.

This represents a real turning point in the resistance to the coalition government’s austerity programme, bringing the spirit of the French and Greek general strikes to the UK. Now there is a real opportunity to build on Wednesday’s mobilisation with protests, student walkouts and occupations on every university and college campus.

The protests have also opened up a lively debate inside our movement about which strategies and tactics are most appropriate and effective. This is to be welcomed – tens of thousands of people are joining our struggle, bringing a wealth of different perspectives.

But we firmly reject the attempt by the right-wing press to witch-hunt protesters and activists. The real vandals are the Tory and Liberal politicians who are wrecking our education. Over 50 protestors have already been arrested, some for nothing more than entering the building. This is an attempt to scare and divide our movement at a time when we most urgently need to unite.

Coordinating meeting: where next after the demonstration?

6pm Monday 15th November, King’s College London

With speakers from the Millbank occupation and across the movement


We need unity – stand with the Millbank protesters!

Defence statement to sign and circulate

Newsflash: post-demo occupation at Manchester University


‘I believe in the afterlife.

It starts tomorrow,

When I go to work’

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