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Student as Producer



The British Conference of Undergraduate Research is now only a few weeks away. We have 150 students presenting, which is three times as much as we expected when we started on this project a few months ago. The current list of presentations is here:

Details of the programme times and keynotes are available on the website, There is also a short staff conference on undergraduate research which will run concurrently with the main conference:

This will conclude with a special meeting of the steering group led by Alan Jenkins and Mick Healey. This will be open to members of this group and the staff members attending the conference. Mick and Alan will run the session in the form of a workshop with the aim of exploring the question: ‘How can we progress BCUR next year and thereafter?’ This will take place at 1.30-3.30 on the 20th April (the second day of the conference).

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Professor Stuart Hampton-Reeves
University of Central Lancashire

Nicola Manches, Administration Assistant, SRHE, 44 Bedford Row, London WC1R 4LL, 020 7447 2525


‘I believe in the afterlife.

It starts tomorrow,

When I go to work’

Cold Hands & Quarter Moon, ‘Human Herbs’ at: (recording) and (live)

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This new venture has just been set up by Mark Carrigan, a doctoral student in Sociology at Warwick. Please forward to colleagues and students.


The Sociological Imagination is a new online magazine which aims to provide a intellectual and social space for the emergence of a publically engaged social science. At a time when the university is in crisis our hope is that the Sociological Imagination will provide a forum for the development of networks and the articulation of ideas between those inside academia who hope for social change both within and without the university system.

The magazine will host a diverse range of content including articles, shorter polemics, interviews, reviews, conference reports, announcements, calls for contributors and research profiles. It will also include a forum facility and a collection of relevant links.

Submissions will not be edited or peer reviewed beyond basic copy editing. Our intention is to develop a rapid response magazine able to engage quickly with changing social realities and to provide an open forum for the development of critical social thought.

Contributions are welcome on any topic which relates social science to public and/or political engagement.

Submissions should be around 500-2000 words. Deadline for the first issue is 31st May.

If you would like to contribute to the website or be involved in its production then please contact:

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