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Marketisation of Higher Education


Goldsmiths, University of London, New Cross, London, SE14 6NW

Markets and the Limits of Democracy: two talks by Colin Leys

At a time of rapid and controversial reform of Britain’s public sector, Goldsmiths’ Centre for the study of Global Media and Democracy organizes two public talks with Colin Leys (Goldsmiths and Queens University, Ontario). Professor Leys is the author of Market-Driven Politics (Verso 2000) and the co-author with Stewart Player of The Plot Against the NHS (Merlin 2011) and Confuse and Conceal: The NHS and Independent Treatment Centres (Merlin 2008).

Thursday 3 March 2011 – The Plot against the NHS
Without putting choice to the electorate or the parliament the coalition government is reforming the NHS to achieve an ‘improved productivity and efficiency’. Is the UK heading towards a privatised US-style healthcare market?

Karen Jennings of UNISON will be responding to Professor Leys’ talk.
6.30-8pm Richard Hoggart Building (Main Building) Room 309

Thursday 10 March 2011 – Why was Karl Polanyi wrong? Have we seen the last of social democracy?
Taking the debate to a broader historical and theoretical level, this talk discusses Karl Polanyi’s view in 1944 that capital would never again be allowed to be ‘self-regulating’: is the truth the opposite, that capital will never again be regulated by collective political action?

Gareth Dale of Brunel University and Fran Tonkiss from LSE will be responding to Professor Leys’ talk.
5.30-7pm Richard Hoggart Building (Main Building) Room 309

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