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Date: 20th February 2009, 10.00 – 4.30

Venue: Coventry University, Richard Crossman Building, Jordan Well, Coventry CV1 5FB

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The C-SAP Critical Pedagogy/Popular Education Special Interest Group is organising a day for higher education teachers and educators to think about the relevance and importance of the bodies of ideas known as Critical Pedagogy and Popular Education.

Are you someone who:

* Believes in academic excellence but not elitism?

*Is concerned about the creeping culture of neo-liberal managerialism in Higher Education?

* Is uncomfortable about the idea of academics as entrepreneurs?

* Is concerned that the business culture in higher education is corroding collegiality?

* Believes in the positive value of widening participation in higher education?

* Is looking for new, creative ways of working with students?

* Believes that education still plays a vital role as a vehicle for progressive social change?

* And would like to connect with others who share these concerns?

If you answer to some or all of these questions is ‘yes’, then this is a day you should make every effort to attend. We believe it is important for progressive educators to meet and share ideas precisely at a time when the current economic crisis and growing popular discontent with neo-liberal policies across the world make it vital to elaborate alternative, participatory strategies for addressing the educational challenges of our times. We see this as a moment where we can (re)polticise, critique and reclaim the categories of existing discourse (such as ‘widening participation’, ‘inclusion’, ’employer engagement’, ‘diversity’ etc.); and where we can together articulate our private troubles not simply as individual grievances but as the whole public issues they represent.

Aims and Objectives of the Day:

The day seeks to provide an opportunity for teachers in higher education across the full disciplines/subjects to share, update and develop our ideas and commitments to radical pedagogical practices that seek to promote inclusivity, social responsibility, ethical reflexivity and political awareness. By the end of the day participants will have developed:

1. A critical understanding of key ideas and methods associated with critical pedagogy and popular education

2. Creative ideas for enhancing their pedagogical practices through engaging insharing of ideas and critical dialogue with colleagues from different institutions and disciplines

3. Ideas and strategies for building alliances, networks and communities of practice amongst academics, students, cirizens, activists and social movements.

Programme for the day:

The programme for the day will include a range of keynote speakers and workshops on themes and issues relevant to our aims and objectives. This will include material such as:

[1] The Moment of Critical Pedagogy – Why Critical Pedagogy? – Why Critical Pedagogy now?

[2] The ideas of Popular Education in Research and Politics

[3] ‘Race’ and Social Justice in the University and in the Community

[4] Gender, Sexulaity and Critical Pedagogy

[5] Performance as a Critical Tool

[6] Conversational Podcasting

The day will also include a performance from Banner Theatre, one of Briatin’s longest established community theatre companies, wh have extensive experience of working with marginalized and disadvantaged communities.

Cost and who can attend: The workshop is free for participants and places will be allocated on a ‘first come first served’ basis. Primarily ai,ed at HE teachers and students.

How to apply: Please contact FRances Worrall at C-SAP:

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