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PsychoPolitics in the Twenty First Century

Please see below for call for papers for a conference at in Liverpool on Wednesday 10th June 2015 organised in conjunction with the British Sociological Association Sociology of Mental Health Study Group. The conference title is PsychoPolitics in the Twenty First Century: Peter Sedgwick and radical movements in mental health

Background to the conference:

The work of Peter Sedgwick and in particular his classic text PsychoPolitics (1982) has a renewed relevance in the context of ‘austerity’, the privatisation of welfare provision and emergent forms of radical activism in mental health. This conference will provide an opportunity to explore Sedgwick’s ideas and assess his legacy in light of these contemporary developments.

The organisers welcome proposals for papers/workshops from academics, service users /survivors and mental health practitioners on the following topics (though this is not an exhaustive list):

  • The politics of mental health
  • Social movements in mental health; social movements and sociological knowledge on mental health
  • Alliances between service user/survivor movements and trade unions/anti-austerity campaigns
  • Alliances between disabled people’s and mental health service user/survivor movements
  • Mental health practice and resistance under neoliberalism
  • Contemporary applications of Sedgwick’s ideas
  • Links between mad studies, disability studies and the work of Sedgwick

The conference webpages are at The email for mailing list and further info is:

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Final Call for Papers

Wednesday 5th – Friday 7th September 2012

University of Leicester

 We look forward to welcoming you to our 44th Annual Conference.

 We are pleased to announce Kathy Charmaz, Sonoma State University, San Franciscoand David Armstrong, King’s College London have agreed to be our plenary speakers at the 2012 conference.

Papers, posters and other forms of presentation will be structured around streams that include:

1.       Cancer

2.       Citizenship and health

3.       Complementary and alternative medicines

4.       Critical public health

5.       Embodiment and emotion

6.       Ethics

7.       Ethnicity

8.       Experiences of health and illness

9.       Evidence

10.   Gender

11.   Health policy

12.   Health service delivery

13.   Health care organisation

14.   Screening and diagnosis

15.   STS and medicine

16.   Individual, collective and global risk

17.   Inequalities

18.   Life course – reproductive health: chronic conditions: ageing; death and dying

19.   Mental health

20.   Methods

21.   Patient – professional interaction

22.   Pharmaceuticals

23.   Politics of health

24.   Professions

25.   Theory

26.    Open


We welcome abstract submissions for oral presentations, poster presentations and symposia/special events

Further details and abstract submission form available from: and

The abstract submission deadline is 20th April 2012.

Abstracts received after this date will not be considered.


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