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Education in Europe

Education in Europe



Tuesday 19 November 2013 5:30 pm to 7:30 pm

Top Floor Education Building, Goldsmiths College, University of London

New Cross, London SE14 6NW

Contact: Myrna Felix Email:   Tel:   020 7919 7302

The Centre for Identities and Social Justice at GoldsmithsCollege is pleased to host the launch of ‘Education Beyond the Coalition: Reclaiming the Agenda’ and ‘Education in Europe: the Politics of Austerity’ published by radicaled and available from them / bookshops.

‘Education beyond the Coalition’ edited by Martin Allen  and Patrick Ainley, analyses the education policies of the Coalition – from primary to post-graduate schools – and begins the essential task of presenting alternatives to them.

‘Education in Europe’, featuring contributions from England, France, Greece, Italy and Spain, edited by Ken Jones, brings together, as no other work has yet done, a critical analysis of education policy across the continent and an account of the struggles that have broken out against it.

Panel discussion with Christine Blower, General Secretary of the NUT


Available @ (£6.99 & £5.99)




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Education Crisis

Education Crisis


David Cameron


Wednesday, 26 May 2010
Time: 19:00 – 21:00
Location: Housmans Bookshop
Street: 5 Caledonian Road, Kings Cross
Town/City: London, United Kingdom

Richard Seymour, blogger of ‘Lenin’s Tomb’ fame, and author of ‘The Liberal Defence of Murder’ will be in store discussing his latest publication, ‘The Meaning of David Cameron’.

The Tories are posing as a ‘progressive’ and ‘radical’ alternative to New Labour. Drawing from George W Bush’s ‘compassionate conservatism’, they maintain that the ‘Big Society’ can do what ‘Big Government’ cannot – produce a cohesive, mutually supportive, happy society. Cameron’s court intellectual, Philip Blond, maintains that this if David Cameron’, which is a viable alternative to the failures of the egalitarian left and the excessively pro-market right. But is this more than campaign mood music? And are the conservative traditions that they draw on – from the bucolic, pseudo-medievalism of G K Chesterton to the anti-statism of Friedrich Hayek – really a bulwark of progress and radicalism?

Richard Seymour argues that such ideas can only seem ‘progressive’ in light of New Labour’s acquiescence to Thatcherism. To understand the Cameronites, it is necessary to understand how the social landscape and corresponding political language was transformed by the collapse of post-war social democracy and its more radical competitors. To resist the Cameronites, he argues, it is necessary to attack the neoliberal consensus on which all major parties found their programme.

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Capitalism in Crisis

Capitalism in Crisis





Following our (just concluded) summer class, Howie Seligman and I (Loren Goldman) will again be doing a study group in the New York City area on Marxian theory and the current crisis. If you are interested, read on.

All applicants welcome.


Loren Goldner and Howie Seligman will be organizing a study group, starting in October,  for New York City-area people on Marx’s Capital (and other writings), linking Marx’s critique of political economy to the current crisis of the world capitalist system.

The group will meet twice a month (day to be determined, based on people’s availability) , through May-June of next year, in a convenient Manhattan location (to be determined).

Space will determine the number of participants, but we aim for between 10 and 25 participants, depending on interest.

If you wish to participate, please contact Loren Goldner asap at:

Participants should be committed to regular attendance and to keeping up with 50-100 pages of reading per meeting. Barring a need to change venues, the class will be free of charge, except for occasional contributions for photocopy expenses, refreshments, etc.

Readings will consist of selections from Marx’s Capital, and articles (to be decided in consultation with the group) on contemporary developments.

The events of the past two years in particular have re-awakened a serious interest in both Marx’s critique of political economy and in “current events” in the world economy. Goldner and Seligman will cooperate in putting the crisis into a Marxian theoretical perspective (Goldner), as well as providing insight into the more technical side of world market meltdown (CDO’s, hedge funds, Ponzi schemes, etc.) (Seligman). The approach will not be merely “economic” (the Marxian CRITIQUE of political economy is not another variant of “economics”) but will elucidate the impact of the crisis on ordinary working people, on developing actions against capitalist austerity in the US and around the world, and on the solution: abolition of the capitalist mode of production.

If successful, the study group will continue through May-June 2010.

In order to put together a viable group, we would like interested people to write something brief (200-300 words) about their background, the level of their knowledge of Marx and of the world economy,  where they are coming from politically, and anything else they might consider relevant.

We are oriented above all to educating present and future activists, and will give such people priority in participation. We also hope to have a predominance of young people who are new, or relatively new, to Capital and Marxist theory generally, but that will of course be determined by the response.

Loren Goldner is a long-term independent writer and political activist. His work is available on the Break Their Haughty Power web site at:   He has spent much of the past four years in South Korea, involved in the workers’ movement there.

Howie Seligman recently taught a course on Taxation and Finance at the NEW SPACE in New York City. Here is the course description and a biography.

Taxation and Finance: Howard F. Seligman:

The course will begin with a brief tutorial on conventional accounting, bookkeeping and financial theory.  This will involve some hands on practical training, although the main emphasis will be on the history of the evolution of the theory from its original conception to the current methodologies. This will be followed by an examination of basic economics (price theory) and its use and abuse of (accounting/ finance) statistics. Again, the history of the theory from its roots in philosophy and the social sciences to its current state of being applied mathematical models will be scrutinized. We will then survey the U.S. Income Tax System beginning with its history and moving on to its current state (of change) today. The focus will be on the behavioral implications of changes in the tax code and alternate systems being used in other countries (and being proposed by Congress today.)

Applying the building blocks of finance and taxation, we will then look at the American financial markets and the culture of the corporation.  Particular attention will be paid to ‘Wall Street’ and the ‘entertainment industry’ due to their growing influence in our everyday lives via the ‘information society.’

Emphasis will be placed on economic and non-economic forces that drive the markets and facilitate manipulation by the use of abstract numerical concepts. Finally, the natural symbiosis of private industry and governments will be the subject of specific anecdotes and case studies.

No requirements other than potential enthusiasm/interest.
Howard F. Seligman has been a self employed financial and tax consultant since 1984. Howard’s practice specializes in the arts and entertainment fields, and he serves as the treasurer to more than fifteen arts and cultural organizations. Howard has taught accounting and finance at The Pratt Institute. His hobbies include playing Howie Solo, a singer and stand up comedian who can host your local fundraising event. He is currently researching a book on the history of the Jewish gangster in America.

You can also see Howie in action at:


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Money Menace

Money Menace



January 14th to 16th 2010, New York City

The world is changing, there is no going back, and the future from here is difficult to imagine. The daily crisis of life in capitalism has made itself felt in the highest places, and is accelerating everywhere. Our conversations have become more urgent. Some attempt to piece back together the neo-liberal or Keynesian paradigms of the past, while others are hesitantly re-discovering Marx – Marx the theorist of crisis, Marx the prophet of social change, even Marx the materialist philosopher of nature, anticipating the ecological perils of modern capitalism. Yet a thorough grasp of Marx’s work and the tradition he inspired remains largely absent from these discussions. In organizing the first US Historical Materialism conference we hope to remedy this lack, to open a space for critical, rigorous and boundary-pushing theory, to explore and provoke our understanding of capital and communism with a critical eye to the traditions of the past, whilst confronting the crises and struggles unfolding around us.

Historical Materialism (HM) is one the foremost journals of Marxian theory, known both for the breadth of the articles it publishes as well as for their intellectual rigor. Every year HM holds its major conference in London, drawing hundreds of scholars from around the world. Beginning last year, a group in Toronto held the first ever HM conference in North America. Based on the success of that event and the growing demand for critical Marxist understanding of this moment, another Historical Materialism conference, the first in the US, will be held in New York in January, 2010.

The conference will be held from January 14th to 16th at the Graduate Center of the City University of New York. It will be free and open to registered attendees, although donations towards the running of the conference will be solicited. All conference participants are encouraged to stay for the whole duration of the conference. The organizers will attempt to arrange panels according to broad threads running through the conference – e.g. crisis, land/labor, communism – allowing for an extended exploration of particular themes. The deadline for abstracts is November 1st 2009.

Further details, see:
Historical Materialism, New York 2010 Organizing Group
Center for the Study of Culture, Technology and Work
Graduate Center
City University of New York
365 5th Ave
New York, NY 10016

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