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Dud Capitalism

Dud Capitalism


Political weekend: hosted by rs21

Saturday, 29 March 2014 at 11:00 – Sunday, 30 March 2014 at 17:00 (GMT)

GoldsmithsCollege, University of London

New Cross, London, SE14 6NW, United Kingdom

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A weekend of discussion and debate on what it means to be a revolutionary socialist today: organised around three key panel discussions and a number of workshops. The weekend is organised by rs21, a new grouping of revolutionary socialists in Britain. This is our first major public event and we welcome participation from anyone who is interested in similar issues and has been asking similar questions.

The Panel sessions:

• Neoliberal capitalism and the state of struggle

• Marxist approaches to racism, sexism and oppression

• Revolutionary organisation and the working class

We will also be hosting a Question Time with figures from the movement including Mark Steel, Sara Bennett and Mike Gonzalez titled “How do we organise to transform the world?”

Workshops include:

• Social reproduction: what it is and why it matters

• Protest movements and united fronts today

• Shifts in reformism and reformist consciousness

• What is revolutionary leadership?

• Marxism at the margins: intersectionality and identity

• Anti-politics: responses to austerity from Occupy to Russell Brand

• How should revolutionaries organise?

• Racism, new and old

• Neoliberalism’s impact on the working class

Speakers include:

• Mark Steel Independent columnist and comedian

• Nina Power author of One Dimensional Woman

• Mike Gonzalez author of upcoming book on Venezuela

• Mireia Gargallo from the Spanish squares movement

• Neil Davidson author of How Revolutionary Were the Bourgeois Revolutions?

• Lucia Pradella from the Historical Materialism journal

• Ian Birchall biographer of Tony Cliff

• Estelle Cooch former deputy editor of the Socialist Review

• Dan Swain author of Alienation: An Introduction to Marx’s Theory

• Sara Bennett from Unite the Union executive (pc)

• Jonny Jones former deputy editor International Socialism journal

• Amy Gilligan from the National Union of Students executive

• Colin Barker author of Marxism and Social Movements



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