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The Dept. of Sociology and the CSSJ at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, will be hosting a conference on Social Justice and the University, April 29-April 30 at the Baker Center.

Details at:

The Conference will use the idea of social justice to explore the challenges universities face in meeting the economic, social, and global pressures of the 21st century. With faculty, student, staff, and community participants, the Conference is designed to begin an ongoing discussion of how social justice can inform the responsibilities of higher education. The participants come from a variety of academic disciplines, including Education, Modern Foreign Languages & Literature, Law, Philosophy, Sociology, and Social Work, in addition to various community workers. Conference topics include Foundations and Variations on Social Justice, Social Justice and Globalization, Teaching Social Justice, and University and Communities.

The keynote speakers are:

John Gaventa, Professor and Research Fellow at the Institute for Development Studies in England. He is a member of the Participation, Power and Social Change team and Director of the Development Research Centre on Citizenship, Participation and Accountability. He has written widely on issues of power, participatory development and governance, civil society and social change.

Frances Fox Piven, Distinguished Professor, CUNY Graduate Center. Dr. Piven is an expert in urban politics, voting rights, and the development of the welfare state. Dr. Piven is one of the foremost political sociologists in the country, having written influential work on protest, the welfare state, and voting. Dr. Piven is also a past-president of the American Sociological Association. She is cofounder of Human SERVE (Service Employees Registration and Voter Education), an organization that worked to increase voter registration among underrepresented and low-income populations.

Erik Olin Wright, Vilas Distinguished Professor of Sociology, University of Wisconsin-Madison. Dr. Wright is the President Elect of the American Sociological Association and series editor of the Real Utopias Project. The Real Utopias Project focuses on egalitarian change through the fundamental redesign of basic social and economic institutions.


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