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Critical Pedagogy

Critical Pedagogy



The Critical Pedagogy Podcasting Project was launched at a day seminar on 3rd July 2009 at Aston University, Birmingham, UK. The event was called ‘Podcasting Critical Pedagogy and Popular Education’.

See: for details on the development and history of this project. It is recommended that you check this out first, to see the organisational roots of the podcasts referred to below.

Gurnam Singh and colleagues at Coventry University developed a series of podcasts for the day seminar on 3rd July. These are:

‘Critical Pedagogy, Critical Theory and Critical Hope – Interview with Sarah Amsler’

‘Popular Education and Higher Education – Interview with Jim Crowther’

‘Indigenous Pedagogy – Interview with Michael Williams’

‘Critical Reflection and Critical Pedagogy – Interview with Philip Chambers’

‘Autonomist Marxism, Social Movements and Popular Education – Steve Wright’

‘The Neoliberal University, Critical Pedagogy and Popular Education – Part 1: Joyce Canaan’

‘The Neoliberal University, Critical Pedagogy and Popular Education – Part 2: Joyce Canaan’

‘The Workers Education Association and Popular or Informal Learning – Mogs Russell’

Gurnam Singh (Coventry University) is the Interviewer  

The podcasts are now available at:

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