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Paula Allman


Marxism and Education: Renewing Dialogues XVI

A Day Seminar, 10.30 – 4.30

Saturday February 4th, 2012

University of London, Institute of Education

20 Bedford Way, London WC1

The Drama Studio



Sara Carpenter (University of Toronto)

Helen Colley (Manchester Metropolitan University)

Margaret Ledwith (University of Cumbria)

Peter Mayo (University of Malta)

Michael Neary (University of Lincoln)

Glenn Rikowski (University of Northampton)


This is an open seminar and tickets are free.

To reserve a place email:    

Convenors: Tony Green, Alpesh Maisuria & Glenn Rikowski


Times Higher Education (Obituary): Paula Allman (1944-2011) –   


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Paula Allman


Now available at:

Volume 9 Number 5 2011  ISSN 1478-2103


Gert Biesta & Carl Anders Säfström. A Manifesto for Education

Henry A. Giroux. Living in the Age of Imposed Amnesia: the eclipse of democratic formative culture

Henry A. Giroux. Business Culture and the Death of Public Education: Mayor Bloomberg, David Steiner, and the politics of corporate ‘leadership’

David Hursh & Andrew F. Wall. Repoliticizing Higher Education Assessment within Neoliberal Globalization

Engin Karadağ, Nuri Baloğlu & Abdullah Çakir. A Path Analysis Study of School Culture and Teachers’ Organisational Commitment

Alberto de Oliveira & Gilberto Abrantes Filho. Education and the Labour Market inBrazil

Anne Pirrie & James Benedict Brown. Field/Work, Site, and Other Matters: exploring design practice across disciplines

Khalida Tanvir Syed & Anne Hill. Awakening to White Privilege and Power inCanada

Anki Bengtsson. European Policy of Career Guidance: the interrelationship between career self-management and production of human capital in the knowledge economy

W. John Morgan & Grigori A. Kliucharev. Non-formal Education and Civil Society in Post-Soviet Russia: what is the relationship?

Tom Are Trippestad. The Rhetoric of a Reform: the construction of ‘public’, ‘management’ and the ‘new’ in Norwegian education reforms of the 1990s

Marilyn Leask. Improving the Professional Knowledge Base for Education: using knowledge management and Web 2.0 tools



Dr Paula Allman


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Glenn Rikowski and Ruth Rikowski have a number of articles in Policy Futures in Education. These include:

Rikowski, Ruth (2003) Value – the Life Blood of Capitalism: knowledge is the current key, Policy Futures in Education, Vol.1 No.1, pp.160-178:

Rikowski, Glenn (2004) Marx and the Education of the Future, Policy Futures in Education, Vol.2 Nos. 3 & 4, pp.565-577, online at:

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Rikowski, Ruth (2008) Review Essay: ‘On Marx: An introduction to the revolutionary intellect of Karl Marx’, by Paula Allman, Policy Futures in Education,Vol.6 No.5, pp.653-661:



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