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Work after Fordism: A workshop on theorizing organisational diversity and dominant trends in contemporary capitalism

The workshop will have presentations by:

• Professor Benjamin Coriat (Université Paris XIII)

• Professor Rick Delbridge (University of Cardiff)

• Professor Ulrich Jürgens (University of Berlin)

• Professor Paul Thompson (University of Strathclyde)

• Professor Karel Williams (University of Manchester)

• Dr John Buchanan (University of Sydney)

• Dr Sarah Jenkins (University of Cardiff)

• Dr Marco Hauptmeier (University of Cardiff)

• Dr Giuliano Maielli (Queen Mary, University of London)

• Dr Matt Vidal (King’s College London)

Full details and a schedule can also be found at:

The workshop is free and will provide a light lunch.

To reserve a place, please contact Ade Alele:

Best wishes

Matt Vidal


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