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J-P Sartre


Friday 14 September
Institut Francais, Queensbury Place, London SW7 2DT

Ethics in Practice: the Dialectic of Authenticity and Consequentialism
Alfred Betschart (independent)

Sartre and Negativist Ethics
Patrick Engel (Basel)

Catastrophe, Proximity, Adherence: Sartre on Cinema in Les Mots
Patrick ffrench (KCL)

Sartre on Hegel’s Dialectic of Mastery and Servitude
Daniel Herbert (Sheffield)

A Legacy of Shame: Occupation, Ambiguity, and Abortion in Beauvoir and Sartre
Ruth Kitchen (Leeds)

Ethics Between Liberty and Alterity: Sartre’s Point of View
Annalisa Marinelli (SSiS Puglia)

Shame as Fellow Feeling
Christian Skirke (UvA)

The Opening Pages of Sartre’s Notebooks for an Ethics
Paul Wallace (independent)

Papers have been listed in alphabetical order of author.
A second announcement will be made when the schedule is finalised.
At that point, the abstracts will also be available.


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