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Marx Memorial Library

Marx Memorial Library


These lectures at the Marx Memorial Library celebrate the contributions of sociologist and political thinker Ralph Miliband to Marxist thought and politics.


The Heritage of Ralph Miliband

Convened and presented by Mike Newman



Tuesday 17 June – Labour and the New Left: Parliamentary Socialism

Tuesday 24 June – Marxism and Politics: The State in Capitalist Society


Dr Laura Miller


Marx Memorial Library

37a Clerkenwell Green

London EC1R 0DU

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Ralph Miliband


Friday 25th November 2011

This conference marks the 50th anniversary of Ralph Miliband’s Parliamentary Socialism – a critique of the Labour Party that shaped a generation of scholars and activists. The book argues that Labour’s belief in the centrality of parliamentary politics often undermined the very movements that were needed to bring about real change. With protest on the rise, and Labour seeking a new way forward, the conference aims to reassess Miliband’s arguments and their contemporary relevance.

Conference Programme

Venue: Morishima Conference Room, 5th floor, Lionel Robbins Building, LSE

1.00pm onwards: Arrival

1.30-2.30pm: The Argument and Its Impact

Speaker: Tariq Ali (author and activist)
Chair: Robin Archer (LSE, Sociology)

2.30-2.45pm: Coffee and Biscuits

2.45-4.00pm: Parliamentary and Extra-parliamentary Politics

Speaker: Hilary Wainwright (Editor, Red Pepper)
Discussant: Martin McIvor (Editor, Renewal)

4.00-4.15pm: Coffee and Biscuits

4.15-5.30pm: Labour and Capitalism

Speaker: Robin Blackburn (Verso and Essex, Sociology)
Discussant: Bob Hancke (LSE, European Institute)

Public Event

Venue: Hong Kong Theatre, Clement House, LSE
6.30-8.00pm: Whatever Happened to Parliamentary Socialism? Taking Ralph Miliband Seriously 

Speaker: Leo Panitch
Chair: Robin Archer

Professor Panitch is a Canada Distinguished Research Professor in Comparative Political Economy, editor of the Socialist Register, and the author of numerous books and articles including The End of Parliamentary Socialism and In and Out of Crisis. He wrote his PhD at the LSE under the supervision of Ralph Miliband.


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