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Marx's Grave

Marx’s Grave


Historical Materialism: Research in Critical Marxist Theory

HM 22.2 is Now Online





The Blood of the Commonwealth

Author: David McNally

pp.: 3–32 (30)


Editorial Introduction

Author: Giorgio Cesarale

pp.: 33–43 (11)


Towards a Theory of the Integral State

Author: Bruno Bosteels

pp.: 44–62 (19)


Escaping the Throne Room

Author: Ian McKay

pp.: 63–98 (36)


Philosophy of Praxis, Ideology-Critique, and the Relevance of a ‘Luxemburg-Gramsci Line’

Author: Jan Rehmann

pp.: 99–116 (18)


Gramsci’s ‘Non-contemporaneity’

Author: Fabio Frosini

pp.: 117–134 (18)


Neither an Instrument nor a Fortress

Author: Panagiotis Sotiris

pp.: 135–157 (23)


Gramsci without the Prince

Author: Martin Thomas

pp.: 158–173 (16)


The Great Canadian Slump, 1990–92

Author: Geoffrey McCormack

pp.: 174–218 (45)


Book review: Ontology of Production: Three Essays, written by Nishida Kitarō

Author: Viren Murthy

pp.: 219–236 (18)


Book review: Utilitarianism and the Art School in Nineteenth-Century Britain, written by Malcolm Quinn

Author: Dave Beech

pp.: 237–256 (20)


Book review: Spatiality, Sovereignty and Carl Schmitt: Geographies of the Nomos, written by Stephen Legg

Author: Marijn Nieuwenhuis

pp.: 257–285 (29)


Notes on Contributors

pp.: 287–289 (3)

Back Issues

pp.: 290–291 (2)


Volume 22, Issue 2, 2014

ISSN: 1465-4466

E-ISSN: 1569-206X


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The first issue of Crisis and Critique is now online.
Please, see the table of contents below:

Editorial Note, by H.J.Bjerre & Agon Hamza

1) The Impasses of Today’s Radical Politics, by Slavoj Žižek

2) Socialist Democracy with Chinese Characteristics, by Roland Boer

3) The Indignant of the Earth, by Frank Ruda

4) Democracy and Revolution on the Internet, by Katarina Peovič Vukovič

5) Alain Badiou and the Aporia of Democracy with Generic Communism, by Panagiotis Sotiris 

6) Climate Crisis, Ideology and Collective Action, by Ted Stolze

7) Lacan and Rational Choice, by Yuan Yao

8) Redemptive Revolutions: The Political Hermeneutics of Walter Benjamin, by Nicolai Krejberg Knudsen

9) The Necessity of Philosophy, by Srdjan Cvjetičanin

10) What is a Party Part of? by Gabriel Tupinambá

11) Communism is Wrong, by Jana Tsoneva

12) The Jews and the Zionists: The Story of a Reversal, by Sina Badiei


Review Articles:

13) H.J.Bjerre: Prolegomena to Any Future Materialism, by Adrian Johnston

14) C.Crockett: From Myth to Symptom: the case of Kosovo, by S.Žižek & A.Hamza

15) D.Tutt: Enjoying What We Dont Have: The Political Project of Psychoanalysis, by Todd McGowan

16) A.Ryder: Badiou and the Philosophers, ed.T.Tho&G.Bianco


About the Journal

Crisis and Critique is a philosophical journal. It is dedicated to exploring and critically developing political and social issues from the Marxist perspective, as well as exploring and addressing the emancipatory potential of Marxist thought and tradition. It also discusses the developments within the contemporary currents in philosophy.

Crisis and Critique appears twice a year.

Crisis and Critique:



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Karl Marx in Film


Historical Materialism: Research in Critical Marxist Theory
Volume 19 Issue 2, 2011


Isaac and Tamara Deutscher Memorial-Prize Lecture

Ben Fine and Dimitris Milonakis: ‘Useless but True’: Economic Crisis and the Peculiarities of Economic Science


Panagiotis Sotiris: Beyond Simple Fidelity to the Event: The Limits of Alain Badiou’s Ontology

Vivek Chibber: What Is Living and What Is Dead in the Marxist Theory of History

Stefano G. Azzarà: Settling Accounts with Liberalism: On the Work of Domenico Losurdo


Bill Bowring: Marx, Lenin and Pashukanis on Self-Determination: Response to Robert Knox

Review Articles

Michael Löwy on Walter Benjamin’s Archive. Images, Texts, Signs, edited by Ursula Marx, Gudrun Schwarz, Michael Schwarz, and Erdmut Wizisla, translated by Esther Leslie; and Esther Leslie’s Walter Benjamin, and Benjamin Handbuch’s Leben-Werk-Wirkung, edited by Burkhardt Lindner

Andrew Lawson on Richard Godden’s William Faulkner: An Economy of Complex Words

Bue Rübner Hansen on Jonathan Nitzan’s and Shimshon Bichler’s Capital as Power: A Study 
of Order and Creorder

Widukind De Ridder on Douglas Moggach’s The Philosophy and Politics of Bruno Bauer and Massimiliano Tomba’s Krise und Kritik bei Bruno Bauer: Kategorien des Politischen im nachhegelschen Denken

Historical-Critical Dictionary of Marxism

Trickle Down Theory

William W. Hansen


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Alternative Culture



Dear colleagues and comrades:

I am pleased to announce that the new double-issue of ‘Cultural Logic: an electronic journal of marxist theory and practice’ is now available online at:

Below, please find the table of contents to each part of the double-issue.

Sincerely and in solidarity,

Joe Ramsey

Editor of the forthcoming 2010 Cultural Logic special issue on “Culture and Crisis” –

Cultural Logic: an electronic journal of marxist theory and practice

New Double Issue 2008/2009

Issue 2008:

Issue 2009:


Cultural Logic, ISSUE 2008:


Stephen C. Ferguson II: “Contractarianism as Method: Rawls contra Mills”

Melissa Hull Geil: “Shakespeare and the Drama of Capital”

Nigel M. Greaves: “Intellectuals and the Historical Construction of Knowledge and Identity: A Reappraisal of Gramsci’s Ideas on Leadership”

Sven-Eric Holmström: “New Evidence Concerning the ‘Hotel Bristol’ Question in the First Moscow Trial of 1936”

Nicola Masciandaro: “Consciousness, Individuality, Mortality: Basic Thoughts about Work and the Animal/Human Boundary”

John H. McClendon III: “The African American Philosopher: The Missing Chapter in McCumber on McCarthyism”

J. C. Myers: “Traces of Utopia: Socialist Values and Soviet Urban Planning”

Garry Potter: “Humanism and Terror: Merleau-Ponty’s Marxism”

J. Jesse Ramirez: “Rage Against the Dying of the Light: Herbert Marcuse and the Politics of Death”

Jacek Tittenbrun: “Between Subjectivism and Individualism: A Critical Appraisal of the Austrian Case for Private Ownership”


Lukas MacKenzie: Mark S. Blumberg, Basic Instinct: The Genesis of Behavior, and Michael Tomasello, Constructing a Language: A Usage-Based Theory of Language Acquisition


Bruno Gulli: “Hölderlin’s Window”

Howard Pflanzer: “The Endless War”


Cultural Logic, Issue 2009:


Jeffrey Cabusao: “The Social Responsibility of Filipino Intellectuals in the Age of Globalization and Empire: An Interview with E. San Juan, Jr. and Delia D. Aguilar”

Alzo David-West: “The Literary Ideas of Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il: An Introduction to North Korean Meta-Authorial Perspectives”

Barbara Foley: “Rhetoric and Silence in Barack Obama’s Dreams from My Father”

Grover Furr: “Evidence of Leon Trotsky’s Collaboration with Germany and Japan”

Bülent Gökay and Darrell Whitman: “Mapping the Faultlines: A Historical Perspective on the 2008-2009 World Economic Crisis”

Dave Hill: “Culturalist and Materialist Explanations of Class and “Race”: Critical Race Theory, Equivalence/Parallelist Theory, and Marxist Theory”

Michele Frucht Levy: “‘For We Are Neither One Thing Nor The Other’: Passing for Croat in Vedrana Rudan’s Night”

Gregory Meyerson: “Post-Marxism as Compromise Formation” (Foreword by E. San Juan, Jr.)

Michael Joseph Roberto: “Crisis, Revolution, and the Meaning of Progress: The Poverty of Philosophy and its Contemporary Relevance”

Spyros Sakellaropoulos and Panagiotis Sotiris: “Peter Gowan’s Theorization of the Forms and Contradictions of US Supremacy: A Critical Assessment”

E. San Juan, Jr.: “An African American Soldier in the Philippine Revolution: An Homage to David Fagen”

Daniel F. Vukovich: “Uncivil Society, or, Orientalism and Tiananmen, 1989”


Paul M. Heideman: Michael E. Brown, The Historiography of Communism

David Schwartzman: Eileen Christ and H. Bruce Rinker, eds., Gaia in Turmoil: Climate Change, Biodepletion and Earth Ethics in an Age of Crisis


Christopher Barnes: Selected Poems

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