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Journal of Agrarian Change and Department of Development Studies,
School of Oriental & African Studies (SOAS), University of London, Room 4421 (fourth floor, main building), SOAS

15 October, 5.15 pm

The agricultural workers movement, Naxalism and martyrdom in Bihar: the case of Manju devi

Nicolas Jaoul (Paris)

22 October, 5.15 pm

Issues in farmer – commercial buyer relationships and trade practices in Uganda – recent empirical findings

Joerg Wigratz (Sheffield)

5 November, 5.15 pm

Labour migration from rural to urban China

Jan Breman (Amsterdam)

26 November, 5.15 pm

Ecology and Accumulation Crisis: Food, Factories, and Fuel in the Making and Unmaking of Neoliberalism, 1973-2015

Jason Moore (University of North Carolina and Lund)

27/28/29 November: day, time and room to be confirmed

Historical Materialism conference: panel on Agrarian Change in Contemporary Capitalism: Technical Dynamics and Environmental Trajectories

Les Levidow (Open University), Peter Mollinga (Bonn), Jason Moore (UNC
and Lund), Phil Woodhouse (Manchester), chair Henry Bernstein (SOAS)

3 December, 5.15 pm

More poverty, more class, and more gender? Rural labour markets in Tanzania 20 years after Sender and Smith

Bernd Mueller (SOAS)

Posted here by Glenn Rikowski

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