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Structuring knowledge: New visions of higher education

Monday 25th and Tuesday 26th June 2012

Lady Margaret Hall, Oxford.


We have managed to secure some additional places for this event. Please register as soon as possible if you wish to attend.

This year the Higher Education Theory Group Symposium focuses on the topic of knowledge, specifically on the structuring of knowledge within contemporary higher education. It will also explore the ways in which different disciplines construct knowledge nowadays and the shift of traditional disciplinary boundaries, particularly within the context of open knowledge and interdisciplinary environments.


Keynote Speakers:

Ron Barnett: Emeritus Professor of Higher Education, Institute of Education, University of London

Tina Besley: Professor, Policy, Cultural and Social Studies in Education, University ofWaikato

Gert Biesta: Professor of Education, University ofStirling

Michael Peters: Professor Emeritus ,University of Illinoisand Professor, Policy, Cultural and Social Studies in Education, University of Waikato

Michael Young: Professor of Education, Institute of Education, University of London


The symposium will examine a number of discussion points which are set out on our webpage.There will be contributions from keynote speakers and opportunity for extensive plenary discussions on the issues raised. The overall aim of the symposium is to explore different perspectives and open up theoretical, methodological and pedagogical questions for debate. The main speakers will each produce a short synopsis of their contribution for participants to consider in advance of the seminar. It is intended to prepare a book for publication based on the seminar proceedings. The symposium will be of interest to a wide range of practitioners drawn from all disciplines and institutions: academics, research students, undergraduates and administrative personnel.

Cost: £168 members, £198 non-members (until 22 May); £200 members, £237 non-members (after 22 May)  

The cost covers 1 night’s accommodation at LMH and dinner on 25th June, tea coffee lunch on both days.

To register please visit

If you have any queries please contact me at     


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